Whether your students are helping their parents with the cost of their trip or saving money for souvenirs, fundraisers are a quick and easy way for students to generate money for an educational tour. Each week in April I’ll be sharing a new idea that will put the FUN in fundraiser! If you can’t wait, you can download the fundraising guide now.

Fundraiser Idea: Stocks are High!

Sell stock in the students’ tour. Look at the tour itinerary and have relatives choose a day or activity they’d like to sponsor. For example, the donation can be a gift for Day 5 of the tour: Versailles and beyond! Or maybe they’ll sponsor the student’s overnight flight to Beijing! Whatever event they choose, donors will be excited to hear about the activity, and students will share an extra connection to the event and individual sponsor!

When planning any fundraising event, don’t forget these three keys to successful fundraising:

  1. Plan an advertising campaign – you need to spread the word to be successful!
  2. Get help from students and parents
  3. Save money on costs – ask for donations!