As waves of immigrants began arriving in New York, the district bounded by the East River and Lafayette Street, and Chambers and Houston Streets was settled by Chinese immigrants and named Chinatown. Today, Chinatown boasts seven Chinese newspapers, 12 Buddhist temples, approximately 150 restaurants and 300 garment factories. The Chinese New Year is celebrated here on the first full moon after January 19th every year.

Interesting Facts:

  • New York’s Chinatown is not only the largest in the U.S., but is the largest Chinese community outside of Asia. It spreads across 40 square blocks and has more than 150,000 residents.
  • Look carefully at some of the phone booths there – they have mini-pagoda roofs.
  • Chinatown has the lowest crime and highest employment rates of any district in NY.




Article written by Sarah Wyland

Sarah Wyland
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