WonderWorks is an exciting, hands-on science museum where you’ll learn and have fun at the same time. Experience what a 5.3 magnitude earthquake feels like, step inside a gigantic bubble that you create, or see 3D sound waves! Ride a virtual roller coaster, or even compete against your friends in a game that uses your brain waves to help you win.

Interesting Facts:

  • One of WonderWorks’ exhibits, the bed of nails, seems like it would hurt. If you were to step on a single nail, your whole body weight would push onto the tiny tip of the nail, but when you lay on 3,500 nails, your weight spreads across them, and it doesn’t hurt at all!
  • WonderWorks’ simulated earthquake is meant to feel like the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. Because it happened just before the third game of the World Series, it was the first major earthquake in the United States to have its initial jolt broadcast on live TV.



Article written by Sarah Wyland

Sarah Wyland
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