Become a Tour Director

Combine your passion for travel with your love of education

A WorldStrides Perspectives Tour Director’s job is extremely demanding, always exciting and infinitely rewarding. It is a position of trust and responsibility. You are representing our educational travel organization’s commitment to learning, excellence and integrity. You are the key to opening young people’s minds and hearts.

We give you the tools, extensive training and support, but ultimately the success of the trip depends on the passion, humor, knowledge, organization and energy that you share with your students. You will have the power to make our traveler’s dreams come true.

The job will call on all your energy, both mental and physical. However, there can be few more rewarding experiences. To travel, to inspire and to be well remunerated is a rare opportunity.

Interviews for the position of Tour Director in 2020 will be held in Paris and Rome in mid-November and in London in early December. Some candidates may also be considered for interviews via Skype. Applicants will be contacted throughout November.

To apply, please click the link below. Applications by resumé, CV or direct e-mail cannot be considered