Why Travel With WorldStrides?

When it comes to educational student travel, you have several providers to choose from. We know. But ask yourself- which one will give me the most authentic experience for my students?

At WorldStrides, every minute of our tours makes education come alive: from where students stay, to what they eat, to who their guide is.


Complete Support

When it comes to support - we've got you covered. From the day you invite the students on your trip to the moment you return home, you'll have an entire team working on your behalf behind the scenes to ensure that you and your students are having a great - and truly carefree - travel experience on every level.

WorldStrides LEAP Dedicated Travel Specialist

From your trip destination and travel dates to the itinerary details, your dedicated International Travel Specialist will assist you in organizing your tour from start to finish.

Grow Your Program Recruiting, Made Easy

We send you all the promotional materials you need to recruit students - including posters, invitations, registration materials and your own personal web page. We also provide online billing and registration so you don't have to collect money.

WorldStrides Star 24/7 Tour Directors

These bilingual educational experts are specially trained in international travel and will stay with your group 24/7 - from the minute you land, until departure. So you can relax and focus on your students while we worry about the details.

WorldStrides Capstone On-Tour Peace of Mind

You’ll be supported by our Tour Central offices staffed 24/7 to assist you and your group with any situations that may arise. You can also enjoy the peace of mind of our Doctors on Call service that gives access to doctors for phone consultations or treatment recommendations, worldwide.


Authentic Experiences

As educational travel specialists, we know for sure that he more we truly immerse students in the cultures of the places they're visiting, the more learning they absorb and keep That's the beginning of deeper learning. It's also the beginning of the sought-after "global perspective" that serves students so well throughout their lives and careers.

WorldStrides On Location Centrally-located Hotels

We choose accommodations that are right in the heart of the cities you visit. Other tour companies often put you in suburban location that may be convenient to the airport, but land you a good hour's commute out of the city you plan to visit. With our three-and four-star centrally located hotel choices, you'll get an extra hour or more each day to enjoy the sights. See how WorldStrides' Hotels Compare to EF's Hotels! RomeParisMadrid, and London

Cuisine Real Deal Cuisine

Pizza in Paris? Mais non! That's because we like to push your students' palate to new and different flavors everywhere they go! They'll eat in local restaurants in major cities, so they can taste the culture firsthand. If you've traveled with your students before, you know it's one of the more intimate - and immediate - ways to learn about a new country and its people. We take great care to ensure your travelers are enjoying full-course meals that are native to the area - from fresh risotto in Italy to bangers and mash in London.

WorldStrides Discoveries Total Immersion

Our trademarked approach to learning—LEAP—actively involves students in what they're seeing and doing. This active engagement between students, the places they visit, and their Tour Directors allows students (and teachers) to absorb more and build their knowledge and social skills. Learn about LEAP

WorldStrides On Location Travel like the locals do!

A comfortable, air-conditioned motorcoach will be used to take your group to the various sites and activities in your destination city. In some cities, you will walk or take public transportation to many of the sites, when convenient. We use localized public transportation because it's efficient and gives your students a taste of how the natives commute - and we include it in your price, too!


Truly Educational Travel

WorldStrides programs provide your students with a truly educational experience designed to complement classroom learning and equip your students with a global perspective. From our carefully crafted itineraries to our LEAP-trained Tour Directors, we are dedicated to providing unique and enriching educational and cultural travel experiences.

WorldStrides Graduate We’re a school, too.

WorldStrides is accredited by educational bodies across the country, and we have a dedicated Curriculum and Academics Department—this means we're an actual school (we just don't have walls!). As a school, we can offer students high school and college credit, and teachers free professional development. See accreditation details

WorldStrides Free Credit One Free College Credit!

Our accreditation enables us to offer free academic credit to your students and professional development for you. By completing online coursework in conjunction with their trip, students receive a free college credit with a transcript. WorldStrides is proud to be the only travel provider that offers this great competitive advantage to students.

WorldStrides Graduate Advance your teaching career

Our accredited status means that you receive up to 35 points/hour of professional development and have the opportunity to earn low-cost graduate credit.

WorldStrides LEAP By educators for educators

We educate students through authentic travel encounters with the world beyond the classroom. For all ages and interests, our experiential content meets students where they are on their educational journey. Our powerful, trademarked learning tool (L.E.A.P.) helps us bring this mission to life.