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7 Easy Steps to Fundraising for Your Trip

WorldStrides is committed to giving every student the opportunity to travel with us to amazing destinations. We offer several fundraising and financial assistance tools to help make students trip a reality. To help fundraise for your trips, we’ve broken it down to 7 easy steps. Because isn’t... Read More

Educational Travel Fundraising Superstars

Advice from Fundraising Superstars

It’s the most wonderful time of year… to fundraise! Do you know about WorldStrides’ Gift of Education? Our most successful fundraising tool, this flexible resource lets you create customized e-cards, Facebook links or custom letters to reach out to family, friends, and people in your community... Read More

Student Spotlight: Ethan Wilkinson

You might say Ethan Wilkinson, a high school student from Michigan, approached fundraising for his upcoming trip to Costa Rica like a real professional – he created his own small business! He started a lawn care company from scratch. “My Mom helped me make postcards about my lawn mowing service... Read More

Promote Your Fundraiser

8 Tips for Promoting Your Fundraiser

Many groups that travel with WorldStrides hold fundraisers to offset trip costs and allow more students to experience the benefits and excitement of educational travel. To make sure your fundraiser is successful, it’s important your school and local community know about it. So, you’ve chosen you... Read More

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Tips & Tricks on Using Social Media for Program Promotion

Everyone’s on social media these days! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have quickly become an online meeting ground, and that means they are great tools for promoting student participation in your WorldStrides program. Whether you’re a teacher looking to involve parents, or a parent or s... Read More

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Best Ideas from Our Fundraising Hall of Fame Experts

Fundraising is a fantastic way to offset program costs and allow more students the opportunity to travel. We are always looking for new and creative ways to raise funds to share with our program leaders, parents, and students. WorldStrides is proud to feature teachers and students as part of our Fun... Read More

5 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Prepare for Fall

Tips & Tricks from a PR Pro

Publicity is a powerful tool that can help take your fundraising goals and your travel experience to the next level. As you may know, WorldStrides offers tools to assist you every step of the way during the process of planning your program. We want this to include maximizing the experience through P... Read More

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