EZPay is our convenient automated payment plan for our domestic, high school international, and international performing groups. Through EZPay, your trip payment installments come directly out of the bank account or debit card you authorize us to use.

With EZPay, you never have to worry about missing any monthly payments and incurring late penalties. Another benefit of choosing EZPay is that all monthly processing fees are waived, saving you even more money.

During registration, just select the Automatic Payment Plan option and payments will be automatically deducted from the account or card you provide.

After registration, you can still sign up for EZPay through MyTrip or by calling WorldStrides Customer Service at 800-468-5899.

We strongly encourage you to choose this payment method for your trip. It’s easy and hassle free and best of all, you’ll avoid all processing fees and not have to worry about any potential late payment fees!