Our approach to educational travel for higher education is immersive and customized, focused on providing hands-on experiences such as company visits, factory tours, cooking classes, or service learning experiences.

For groups learning about the economy of an area or studying in a professional field, our Global Academic Team works directly with contacts from all over the world to source executive speakers, factory tours, hands-on volunteer opportunities, embassy visits, consumer field studies, and more. Each program is assigned a Global Curriculum Coordinator who consults with faculty to customize a thematic approach to your course curriculum and align with the student’s level of education.

For programs in the humanities, social sciences, or other STEM fields, our program development team takes a collaborative and creative approach to identifying opportunities to bring your syllabus to life. Our experienced team has worked on broad themes such as art or history, and very specific themes that illuminate higher-level courses. We work closely with our local teams on the ground to organize immersive experiences including culinary or dance classes, experiments, and service opportunities, and can suggest a variety of options for your destination or accommodate special requests.