For decades, WorldStrides has custom designed concert tours for all types of instrumental ensembles, large and small. Some of the areas in which we have experience include:

Venue selection: Venue selection is paramount to a successful performance. Such a tour requires an operator experienced with a wide variety of band tours and the needs inherent to each. From concert halls to jazz clubs, European bandstands to the world’s premier parades, we have a proven record of accomplishment in securing fantastic performing experiences for all types of instrumental groups.

Instruments: Expert logistical planning is a must for any successful tour. We can arrange rental, instrument transportation, and coordination of equipment needs. We handle these details so you can focus on drawing the highest possible musicianship from your performers. We have a strong relationship with all major airlines and cargo handlers, and we have a full-time flight and equipment department that can coordinate all logistical requirements.

Marching band tours: Experience some of the world’s most exciting events and celebrations on a marching band tour. We have had groups perform in some of the world’s largest parades and events, including the 2012 London Olympics and St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin. Historic public squares, gardens, and famous monuments are also well suited as venues for marching band tours. These settings have numerous visitors, so large audiences are expected.

Orchestra tours: Showcase a repertoire and history hundreds of years in the making. Orchestra tours embody tradition and musical excellence, and are a fantastic opportunity to foster individual and collective musical growth. A European orchestra tour allows members to walk in the steps of the great composers.

Concert band tours: Enjoy opportunities for performance in wonderful concert halls, outdoor squares, popular public places, and even churches. Schools and conservatories are also ideal venue choices, since the necessary equipment and infrastructure for wind bands already exist.

Jazz band tours: Popular throughout the world, jazz—and a jazz band tour in particular—allows musicians to serve as American cultural ambassadors. We can arrange performances in clubs, concert halls, universities, and outdoor settings. We also book major jazz festivals, such as Montreux and Montreal, as well as smaller festivals throughout the world.

Brass band tours: Provide your group great performance opportunities in brass band hotbeds, including the U.K., along with opportunities for workshops, master classes, or combined performances with local brass bands, some of whom are the finest in the world!