Choir tours offer unique insights into our world for travelers of all ages. As a result, WorldStrides OnStage choir tours give participants the opportunity to share their lives and music with diverse communities, bringing knowledge and lessons learned in foreign lands back home.

Our Concert Tour Coordinators have a wealth of experience in working with all types of choirs. We provide

  • Appropriate venues—prestigious cathedrals, local churches, universities, schools, and public spaces
  • Choral workshops, master classes, and collaborative performances at local universities
  • Adequate time for rehearsal and warm-up
  • Proper accompaniment instruments and sound reinforcement
  • Publicity and advertising for your performance

Community choir tours: Through the common thread of singing, community choir tours allow people of varied backgrounds, ages, and tastes to gather to weave a wonderful musical tapestry that is easily shared with diverse audiences.

Church choir tours: Members enjoy the chance to proclaim God’s truth and love in awe-inspiring and musically satisfying locations. WorldStrides has a long history of collaborating with church choirs of all denominations and backgrounds to design the perfect choir tour, allowing church choirs the opportunity to sing in the world’s most prestigious sacred venues, as well as more intimate local church venues, all with a clear focus on the choir’s interests and goals.

Opportunities include:

  • Religious pilgrimage
  • Church or denominational history
  • Fellowship opportunities
  • Performance in the world’s great churches and cathedrals

Gospel choir tours: Combine a fresh enthusiasm for faith with an appealing mix of musical genres. The result is always a rewarding trip with warm audiences and meaningful cultural exchange in destinations where gospel music is wildly popular (such as France) and to places that may have never heard it.

Show choirs and vocal jazz groups: Sharing the gifts of music and dance with a wider audience is a primary motivation for show choir tours. Vocal jazz groups also enjoy enthusiastic audiences while on tour. For both ensemble types, WorldStrides can book performances in jazz clubs, concert halls, educational settings, and public venues around the world.

Madrigal singers: Those looking for a delicate blend of music, history, art, and drama need look no further than a madrigal choir tour. Participants continue to fan the flame of an art form nearly 500 years old, as the polyphonic beauty of Renaissance and Baroque song is welcomed in venues worldwide. We can place your choir in Italy (birthplace of the madrigal) or England, where the form flourished in later years. Diverse destinations including Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Poland are also popular.