Customized Religious Studies Trips and Pilgrimage Tours

Whether you wish to visit the great religious centers of the world, serve your global community, or walk in the footsteps of saints, prophets, or inspirational leaders, a religious studies tour or pilgrimage trip is an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of faith, friendship and community for schools and churches alike. For more than 50 years, WorldStrides has been providing customized pilgrimages and religious heritage tours, for all denominations and groups as small as 10 participant, be it a religious studies trip to the Holy Land, a religious pilgrimage tour of Europe, a mission program to Africa, or a service-learning trip to Latin America. What makes our religious tours truly unique is the network of contacts that we have established around the globe, which allows our school or church groups to participate in private services at world renowned places of worship, or to meet with other schools or churches abroad to learn about the challenges that other congregations face, as they broaden their own personal faith. Similarly, many of our groups ask us to incorporate a homestay or service-learning project into their religious studies tour, both of which can also be very rewarding and meaningful additions to any pilgrimage trip or faith-based travel experience.