Journey along the Trail of the Reformation and explore some of Germany’s oldest cities and witness the rich history featuring kings and emperors and myths and legends. Tour the towering historic Worms Cathedral and observe a fine example of High Romanesque.   Experience Heidelberg’s world-famous castle as well as Germany’s oldest university. Then take a stroll around the old walled city of Rothenburg and explore the windy cobbled streets along to Herrngasse, which is famous for mansions and courtyards. In Nuremberg examine the ruins at Altstadt, view the Justice Palace, Marktplatz, Kaiserburg, Burgraves’ Castle, and St. Lawrence’s Church. Arrive in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, the capital of the Reformation which is named after its most famous resident, Martin Luther. Explore the Augustinian Monastery, where Martin Luther lived as a monk and read his first Mass in 1507 having been ordained as a priest. End this unique tour of Germany in Frankfurt, a cosmopolitan and bustling city on the Main River featuring a mixture of soaring skyscrapers, half-timbered houses and a wealth of museums.