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Your Adventure, Day by Day

Day 1 Departure from North America
  • Flight to Vienna Enjoy full meal service on your scheduled wide-bodied flight to Vienna.
Day 2 Welcome to Vienna
  • Arrive in Vienna We will be met at the airport by our tour manager/guide and transfer into the historic capital city of Vienna.
  • Walking Tour through Old Vienna This afternoon we will take a Walking Tour through old Vienna, which will include the Hoher Markt, where we will see the Virgin Mary’s Wedding Fountain and an Art Nouveau clock, the Altes Rathaus, the former town hall, the old Chancellery of Bohemia, the Clock Museum, and St. Peter’s Church.
  • Hotel Check in We will stay in a centrally located hotel in Vienna for the next two nights.
Day 3 Imperial Vienna
  • Hofburg Palace Our morning begins with a visit to the former winter palace of the Habsburgs, the vast and impressive Hofburg Palace, which sits in the heart of Vienna. This complex of imperial edifices grew with the empire, so that today the palace is virtually a city within a city.
  • Imperial Apartments & Imperial Treasury Our visit will include the Imperial Apartments and the Imperial Treasury, featuring the crown jewels and an assortment of imperial riches.
  • St. Stephen’s Cathedral Our day concludes with a visit to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, one of the greatest Gothic structures in Europe, rich in woodcarvings, altars, sculptures, and paintings.
  • First Concert Performance Your first concert performance will be today.
Day 4 Explore Budapest
Day 5 Adventures in Budapest
  • Walking Tour through the Old Town This morning we explore the hill town of Buda, which grew up around its castle; today this are is known as the Castle District. We begin with a Walking Tour through the Old Town, exploring the cobbled streets and squares. Highlights will include: the State Archives, Lord’s Street, Mihaly Tancsics Street, and Holy Trinity Square.
  • Matthias Church We continue with a visit to Matthias Church. Officially named the Church of Our Lady, it is the symbol of Buda's Castle District. The last two Hungarian kings (Habsburgs) were crowned in the church: Franz Joseph in 1867 and Charles IV in 1916. The church interior is decorated with works of two outstanding 19thcentury Hungarian painters, Károly Lotz and Bertalan Székely.
  • Fisherman’s Bastion We continue our morning to nearby Fisherman’s Bastion, where we will view the Grand Equestrian Monument of King Stephen.
  • Heroes’ Square Our afternoon commences in Heroes’ Square, where we will view the Millennium Monument, built in 1896 to commemorate the 1000-year anniversary of Hungary’s history.
  • Second Concert Performance Your second concert performance will be today.
Day 6 Cruise to Krakow
  • Head to Krakow Today we make our way to Krakow, one of the most beautiful cities in Poland and all of Europe.
  • Wawel Hill Our sightseeing begins as we explore Wawel Hill, which has been at the heart of Poland’s history since 1000 AD when the bishopric of Krakow was established. We begin with a visit to the Royal Castle, the seat of Poland's kings from the eleventh to the early seventeenth century. Our visit will include the Royal Chambers, the CrownTreasury and Armory, the Lost Wawel Exhibit, and the Dragon's Den.
  • Gothic Wawel Cathedral We continue with a visit to the Gothic Wawel Cathedral, one of the most important churches in Poland and the burial place of almost all of Poland’s monarchs.
  • Old Quarter This afternoon we will explore Old Quarter, focusing on the huge market square filled with cafes, shops, antique dealers, and restaurants. On the square we will view City Hall Tower, Cloth Hall - a beautiful Renaissance building that is part of the National Museum - and the Churches of St. Barbara and St. Wojciech.
  • Church of St. Mary
  • Next we will visit the Church of St. Mary an imposing church that was built by the citizens of Krakow to rival the Cathedral on the Wawel. It is highlighted by the Hejnal Tower, the Crucifix, the Altar of the Virgin and the Ciborium.[/activity
Day 7 Visit Auschwitz
  • Auschwitz and Birkenau This morning we will take a tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau, the largest and most efficient of the Nazi death camps. Our tour will include the Museum and a Documentary Film, followed by a short shuttle to Birkenau, where we will view the remains of the death camp and the moving Memorial to all those who died in the Auschwitz system.
  • Hotel Check in We continue to our hotel in the Brno area, just over the border into the Czech Republic where we will stay for a night.
Day 8 Prague Highlights
  • Travel to Prague This morning we travel to Prague, the magnificent and historic capital city of the Czech Republic.
  • Church of St. Nicholas Our afternoon commences in the Little Quarter, where we begin with a visit to the Church of St. Nicholas, an 18th century Baroque masterpiece featuring statues, frescoes and paintings by the leading artists of the day.
  • Charles Bridge Our morning continues as we stroll across Charles Bridge on our way to the winding alleys of Old Town. Charles Bridge, Prague’s most familiar monument, is a haven for crafts and trinket stalls and features spectacular statues of the Saints lining each side. Our tour of the Bridge concludes with a visit to Old Town Bridge Tower, where we can ascend to the viewing gallery for magnificent views of Prague Castle and the Little Quarter.
  • Old Town Square In the Old Town Square, we will congregate in front of Old Town Hall's Astronomical Clock to watch the glockenspiel spectacle. In addition, we will have the opportunity to climb to the top of the Old Town Hall Tower for a panoramic view of the city.
  • Hotel Check in We will stay in our centrally located hotel in Prague for two nights.
Day 9 Explore Prague
  • Prague Castle Our morning begins as we explore the huge hilltop complex known collectively as Prague Castle; it encompasses dozens of houses, towers, churches, courtyards, and monuments.
  • St. Vitus Cathedral We begin with a visit to St. Vitus Cathedral, the dominant and the most historically important section of the castle complex. The massive Gothic cathedral features 21 chapels, with St. Wenceslas Chapel being the most important. During our walk through the complex, we will stroll along the Golden Lane, a picturesque street of tiny 16th century houses built into the castle fortifications, and view Powder Tower, White Tower, Lobkowitz Palace, St. George’s Convent.
  • Royal Palace The Royal Palace is where for more than 700 years, beginning in the 9th century, Bohemian kings and princes resided. Our visit will include the Vaulted Vladislav Hall, where coronations were hosted and Václav Havel was inaugurated president. The adjacent Diet was where kings and queens met with their advisers and where the supreme court was held. From a window in the Ludwig Wing, where the Bohemia Chancellery met, the Second Defenestration took place.
  • Third Concert Performance Your Third and final concert performance will be today.
Day 10 Final Farewell...
  • Departure from Prague Our enjoyable and rewarding trip will come to an end as our guide accompanies us to the airport for the return flight home.