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Your Adventure, Day by Day

Day 1 Departure from North America
  • Flight to Greece Enjoy full meal service on your scheduled wide-bodied flight to Greece. The cradle of Western Civilization, Greece is a land where the glories of antiquity blend with a vibrant modern culture to form a fascinating mixture of the old and the new.
Day 2 Arrive in Thessaloniki
  • Aristotelous Square We will be met at the airport by our tour guide, board our own private coach and transfer to our hotel. Then we will enjoy a walking tour along Aristotelous Square and walk east past the White Tower towards the bright lights of the city's amusement park at the other end of the promenade. In Roman times, Saint Paul visited Thessaloniki preaching the new Christian religion, and later addressed his two well-known epistles to the Christians of Thessaloniki.
Day 3 Day Trip to Kavala and Philippi
  • Walking Tour up to Profitis Ilias Today we will visit both Kavala and Philippi. Kavala, the prefect’s capital, is one of the most attractive of Greece’s largest cities, rising like an amphitheater from the beautiful harbor up to a huge Byzantine fortress. We will enjoy a Walking Tour up to Profitis Ilias to admire the panoramic view over the city continuing on to the old district with its quaint streets, shops, and old building. St Paul landed here while en route to Philippi. The afternoon brings us to Philippi, the city visited by Paul in 50 AD. Accompanied by Silas, Timothy, and Luke, Paul brought the gospel to the small Jewish community of women who gathered at the river west of the city for Sabbath.
  • Excavations We will take a guided tour of the Excavations including the well preserved Forum, The Philippian Jail that once held Saint Paul; and the Egnatian Way, the main road between Byzantium and the Adriatic Ports that Saint Paul traveled on spreading the Christian faith. We return to Thessaloniki for the night.
Day 4 Thessaloniki – Vergina – Kalambaka
  • Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum Our morning begins with a visit to the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum, where we will view relics from King Phillip of Macedon’s Tomb.
  • Royal Tombs We continue to the nearby village of Vergina where we will explore the excavation sights of the Royal Tombs.
  • Macedonian Tombs While here, we will also see the Macedonian Tombs, underground chambered structures known for their ornate decorations. We will continue on to our hotel in the Kalambaka area for the evening.
Day 5 Kalambaka – Meteora – Delphi
  • Megalo Meteoro This morning we will make an early start and journey into northern Greece to visit Meteora, which means “suspended rocks.” We will begin with a visit to Megalo Meteoro, the first and highest monastery founded in the region.
  • Varlaam We will also explore Varlaam and its magnificent church; Katholikon, featuring beautiful frescoes; and Rousanou, the most spectacularly located of all the monasteries.
  • Delphi We will travel to Delphi on the southern slope of Mt. Parnassus, which towers 2,457 meters over the Gulf of Corinth.
Day 6 Delphi – Athens
  • Meteora This morning we will make an early start and journey into northern Greece for a visit to the natural sandstone towers of Meteora, which means “suspended rocks”.
  • Byzantine Monasteries We will explore three of the four Byzantine Monasteries high in the hills.
Day 7 Athens
  • Acropolis Our morning commences with a visit to the Acropolis, which has dominated the skyline of Athens for over 2,000 years. A citadel was built on the rock in Mycenaean times, and was the first of a series of temples that honored Athena, the city’s divine patroness. In 480 BC the Persians captured the Acropolis, and the Athenian leader Pericles rebuilt the site according to his plan of unsurpassed beauty and grandeur. During our tour of the Acropolis, we will view: the Propylaia, the monumental entrance to the complex; the Temple of Athena Nike; the Parthenon, the temple to Athena which crowns the Acropolis; the Erectheion, dedicated to Poseidon and Athena; and the Theater of Herodes Atticus, originally built in AD 161.
  • Acropolis Museum Our time on the Acropolis concludes with a visit to the Acropolis Museum, featuring a superb collection of treasures excavated from the area.
  • Hadrian’s Arch Our day continues as we view Hadrian’s Arch, an enormous triumphal arch built by the Roman Emperor, which is still a symbolic entrance to Athens.
Day 8 Day Trip to Corinth
  • Acropolis This morning we will be taking a panoramic tour of Athens. We will enjoy a guided visit to the Acropolis and a stop at Mars Hill, where St. Paul delivered his well-known sermon. Our day continues with a drive along the coastal road of Attica to ancient Corinth, one of the largest and most prosperous cities in ancient Greece and later the site of an important Roman colony. Here is where Paul lived for at least two years and wrote the first and second letters to the Corinthians.
  • Acropolis of Corinth We will visit the Acropolis of Corinth (Akrocorinthos) and learn about the Ruins of the ancient city where Paul worked with Aquila and Priscilla, the agora (market) where Paul's trial by Gallio took place, the Temple of Apollo and the Fountain of Peirene. If time allows, we will drive to Lechaion and Cechreae, the ancient port where Paul sailed away from Corinth. We will then return to Athens to dine in the Plaka area and see a live music and folk dance show.
Day 9 Athens – Piraeus – Aegean Cruise
  • Aegean Cruise This morning we make an early departure and travel to the port city of Piraeus, where we will board our cruise ship and begin our four-night Aegean Cruise. On board we will have our own cabins, and be provided with three meals per day onboard the ship.
Day 10 Aegean Cruise – Kusadasi (Turkey) & Patmos
  • Ephesus This morning we will arrive in the thriving port town of Kusadasi. We will then board our air-conditioned motor coach and drive along the coast to Ephesus, which was famous in antiquity for its Temple of Diana, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Upon our arrival, we will begin our guided tour as we enter the ancient site through the Magnesian Gate. We will journey with our guide past innumerable monuments, including the Forum, the Odeon, the Fountain of Trajan, the Temple of Hadrian, the Latrians the Library of Celsus, the Thermal Baths of Scolastika and the Great Theater, built in the Greek era and reconstructed in the Roman period. Our guide will point out the symbols all around and we will be amazed at the fact that one is still able to read the inscriptions in the ancient Greek language. Our guided tour concludes as we return to the motor coach and travel along the Arcadian Way, where Mark Anthony and Cleopatra once rode in procession. Once back in Kusadasi, we will view the Basilica of St. John, on a hill above Selcuk, which was erected over his grave in the 6th Century AD by the Emperor Justinian. We will also view the site of the ruins of the Temple of Diana. There will be some free time in Kusadasi to shop before returning to the ship.
  • Monastery of St. John This afternoon we visit the Island of Patmos. We will board our air-conditioned motor coach at the port of Scala, and enjoy a short drive up to the Monastery of St. John, which has been magnificently built within the walls of a strong fortification. We will follow our guide uphill towards the entrance of the Monastery, while marveling at the impressive structure built over 900 years ago. During our visit we will view the courtyard, the Monks’ dining room, and the old bakery before visiting the main Church, which features outstanding frescoes and interior decoration. Next we will visit the small yet impressive Museum, which houses priceless ecclesiastical treasures, such as books, manuscripts, mosaics, icons, splendid medieval textiles and vestments, and jewelry.
  • Grotto of the Apocalypse After our visit, we return to our bus and continue to the nearby Grotto of the Apocalypse, located below the church of the Apocalypse, a sub-unit of the main Monastery. We will carefully walk down the steps to visit the Grotto, where we will view the silver niches in the wall that mar k the pillow and the ledge used as a desk by the author of the Book of Revelations. We will also see the three-fold crack, made b ythe Voice of God, emphasizing the honor of the Trinity. We return to ship to set sail for Crete.
Day 11 Aegean Cruise – Crete (Iraklion) & Santorini
  • Isle of Iraklion This morning we arrive in Iraklion, on the Island of Crete. From the Venetian lion-guarded port we will board our air- conditioned motor coach and take a short drive to Knossos, once the capital city of the prehistoric Minoan civilization, and thought to be the basis for the original Labyrinth housing the mythological Minotaur.
  • Palace of King Minos Upon our arrival, we will follow our guide on a visit through a section of the excavated and partially reconstructed Palace of King Minos, as well as the surrounding area. Highlights of our guided tour will include: the Hall of the Royal Guard, decorated with frescoes and shields; the Hall of the Double Axes; the King’s Chamber, housing an alabaster throne amidst paintings of griffins and lilies; and the Queen’s Apartment, adorned with murals of dolphins and spirals reminding us of the legend of the Labyrinth.
  • Archaeological Museum After our extensive visit, we will return to our motor coach and drive back to Iraklion, where we can visit the extraordinary Archaeological Museum, featuring unique items from the Minoan culture; or enjoy free time in the town, browsing the many shops. We return to the ship and set sail for our final destination, Santorini.
  • Oia Village After disembarking the ship, we will board a boat and travel to the unique Oia Village, the crowning glory of peace and tranquility. Built on the northern part of the caldera rim, it has been the inspiration of many artists due to its magnificent location and superb views of the caldera, the rest of the island itself, a nd the Aegean Sea. We will then travel by local tender to Athenios Harbor, where we will board our air-conditioned motor coach. We will enjoy a scenic drive along the rocky sides of the caldera and pass through an array of traditional villages, before reaching Oia. Oia features typical Cycladic architecture, and its houses resemble “bird nests” tucked away into the dramatic cliff-side.
  • Walking Tour through the Village We will follow our guide on a Walking Tour through the Village, featuring cobble-stoned streets and wonderful panoramic views. We will then have some free time to enjoy and explore Oia on our own, perhaps wandering through its many art galleries or just relaxing over a cup of coffee.
  • Fira Next we continue to Fira, the picturesque capital of Santorini, built on the caldera rim. Upon our arrival we will enjoy free time on our own, before making our way to the small pier of Scala, either by cable car or mule (Price not included in the tour package), where tenders will take us back to the ship.
Day 12 Depart Athens
  • Fly Home Your enjoyable and rewarding tour will come to an end as you return to Piraeus and travel to the airport for the return flight home.