11 Days
Destinations Visited
TarapotoSan Roque de CumbazaHuacamaillo CascadeChirikyacu Native Community
Local Conditions
77℉ Current Temp
Current Time

Your Adventure, Day by Day

Day 1 Departure from U.S., arrival in Tarapoto
  • Orientation
  • Walk through “Casa Sangapilla Eco-Initiative”
  • Visit to Lamas folkloric town
  • Welcome dinner
Day 2 Tarapoto
  • Travel to San Roque de Cumbaza
  • Visit to the Main Square, local schools, recreational areas
  • Swim in the river
Day 3 Tarapoto
  • Trek to the farm for volunteering
  • Volunteer projects at the farm
  • Fire circle/camping at the farm
Day 4 Tarapoto
  • Volunteer projects at the farm
  • Trek to San Roque de Cumbaza
  • Dinner by Local Women Food Committee
Day 5 Tarapoto
  • Sustainability workshop
  • Sports activity with local high school students and children
  • Group hike
Day 6 Tarapoto
  • English activity with local high school students and children
  • Trek to Huacamaillo Cascade
  • Activity with member of local youth group, to prepare a dance
Day 7 Chirikyacu
  • Hike to Chirikyacu Native Community
  • Hands-on volunteer activities with the artisan women
  • Visit to organic farm
Day 8 Tarapoto
  • Visit to Edible/Demonstration Gardens and local Eco-Lodge
  • Sustainable lunch at Eco Lodge
  • Dance practice with members of local youth group
Day 9 Tarapoto
  • Travel to Aucaloma with local youth committee
  • Volunteer activity with Aucaloma locals
Day 10 Tarapoto
  • Travel to Blue Lagoon
  • Boat ride through Lagoon
  • Tour through artisan market
Day 11 Tarapoto
  • Volunteer activities with locals
  • Final restaurant dinner
  • Farewell party and dances
Cultural Immersion

We believe that the more authentic a travel experience is, the more students will absorb and retain what they’ve learned. That means our trips focus on immersion—not just visiting Rome, but living with a family. Not just but formal studies, but local cuisine, customs and history.

Safety and Security

Our Tour Central office gives our travelers “always there” support—24/7—and our proven contingency plan process brings them peace of mind. We also offer comprehensive liability coverage for teachers and schools, and medical coverage for students.