Immerse in this once-in-a-lifetime, unique experience at the land of Israel. Fly to Tel Aviv and walk in the streets of the heart of Israel’s commerce and culture. Next stop is the Sea of Galilee, where you’ll enjoy places like Capernaum where Jesus called St. Peter and many of the other apostles. Afterwards, take a quick stop in Magdala, and then head to Nazareth where you'll be staying overnight. Explore Nazareth and their majestic places like the Church of Annunciation where you'll be part of a Mass. Rejoice in Our Lord’s Glory in Caesarea Philippi  and Mount Tabor, the place where the Transfiguration of Jesus occurred. Continue exploring unforgettable locations like Mt. Olives, Jerusalem, Mt Zion and the Temple Mount.  Wrap up your trip by getting to know Qumran, the excavation site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Finally, return to Tel Aviv and travel back home.  This is the perfect program for your school trip or church pilgrimage.