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Your Adventure, Day by Day

Day 1 Departure from North America
  • Flight to Zagreb Enjoy a wide bodied flight to Zagreb
Day 2 Arrive in Zagreb
  • Meet Your Guide You will be met at the airport by your tour manager guide where we board our own private coach and transfer to our hotel in Zagreb. Our base for the next two evenings will be Zagreb. The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is a beautiful city located between the Sava River and the Medvednica Mountain. The city dates back to Roman times but by the Middle Ages it was home a very important religious center. In the eleventh century, the Hungarian King Ladislaus founded a diocese in the area and eventually that grew to include the Zagreb Cathedral. The cathedral has been rebuilt several times since the eleventh century, surviving attacks by the Tartars and Ottoman Empire
Day 3 Marija Bistrica & Zagreb
  • Marija Bistrica Church This morning after breakfast we will board our private coach and head out for the nearby town of Marija Bistrica for a day trip. The city is considered a very important pilgrimage sight and attracts thousands of pilgrims each year. Our first stop this morning will be to the Marija Bistrica Church, which houses a very important Marian Shrine dedicated to the Black Madonna. The shrine holds a beautiful statue of the Black Madonna.
  • Statue of Pope John Paul II Outside of the basilica you can also see a statue of Pope John Paul II. It was built in his honor after his visit to Marija Bistrica in October 1998 where he was visited by over 500,000 Croatians.
  • Zagreb Cathedral Upon our return to Zagreb we will visit the beautiful Zagreb Cathedral. With its stunning gothic-style architecture, it has a history dating back to the eleventh century. Its tall towers and spires can be seen from all over the city. It is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. You are free to spend the rest of the afternoon at your leisure. Later dinner will be served.
Day 4 Zagreb – Opatija Area
  • St. Jacob’s Church This morning after breakfast we will board our private coach and be transferred to Opatija. The area of Opatija will be our base for the next two nights. The beautiful seaside town of Opatija is situated along the Gulf of Kvarner at the foot of the Ucka Mountain. Dating back to the pre-Roman times, it became home to the Benedictine Abbey of St. James by the fifteenth century. Our first stop upon arrival will be to the beautiful St. Jacob’s Church.
  • Benedictine Monastery Next we will visit the Benedictine Monastery located nearby to the church.
  • Lungomare Our final stop of the day will be to stroll along the beautiful Lungomare which offers stunning views of the sea. Along the promenade there is the famous Maiden with the Seagull statue, which has become an iconic symbol for Opatija. You are free to spend the remainder of the afternoon exploring the town at your leisure. Later this evening dinner will be served.
Day 5 Rijeka & Opatija
  • Rijeka This morning after breakfast we will board our private coach and head out for a day trip to Rijeka. The third largest city in Croatia and the main seaport for the country, Rijeka is a beautiful coastal town that attracts visitors year round. Due to its strategic location along the sea, several countries contested greatly over the centuries to set up port there.
  • Trsat Our first stop today will be to visit the historic castle and fortress known as the Trsat. It contains a statue of Pope John Paul II who visited the city in 2003. Within the castle grounds it was said that the Virgin Mary’s house in Nazareth appeared in the thirteenth century, only to later disappear. On this holy site stands a Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat.
  • St. Vitus’ Cathedral Our next stop will be to St. Vitus’ Cathedral. It is a small, Romanesque church dating back to the Middle Ages. It is dedicated to the patron saint of the city: Saint Vitus. It has a beautiful rotunda with elements of Baroque and Gothic architecture.
Day 6 Opatija Area – Split Area
  • Diocletian’s Palace This morning we continue on to Split. Our first stop is the immense 3rd-century Diocletian’s Palace that was built on the seafront by the Roman Emperor for his retirement. The palace was designed to combine a luxurious villa with the defenses of a military camp, complete with towers, fortifications, and monumental gates. We will see the Peristyle or centralcourtyard, and go through the Bronze Gates to see the Egyptian sphinxes that guard the domed Mausoleum.
Day 7 Sinj & Split
  • Croatian National Theater The morning begins with a visit to the Croatian National Theater. It was built in the Neo-Renaissance style from 1891- 1893 and was designed by the architects Vecchietti and Bezic. A great fire in 1971 destroyed most of the theater but it has since been restored.
  • Archaeological Museum We continue with a visit to the Archaeological Museum to see artifacts from prehistoric times through the Middle Ages. Fittingly, this museum is the oldest museum in Croatia and was founded in 1820. This afternoon we visit Sinj.
Day 8 Departure from Split
  • Return flight home Your rewarding and enjoyable experience comes to an end as we are escorted to the airport by our tour manager guide for the return flight home.