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Your Adventure, Day by Day

Day 1 Departure from North America
  • Flight to Buenos Aires Relax and enjoy our scheduled flight from North America.
Day 2 Begin in Buenos Aires
  • Arrive in Buenos Aires Our Tour Director will meet us at the airport. Our private coach will be waiting to transfer us to our hotel in Buenos Aires.
  • Hotel check in Our accommodation for the next three night(s) will be in Buenos Aires.
  • Guided Tour We will take a comprehensive Buenos Aires City Tour, highlighting many of the important landmarks and buildings in the city, as well as the various neighborhoods including La Boca, San Telmo, La Recoleta and Palermo.
  • Colonial Center During our tour we will explore the Colonial Center including Plaza de Mayo, the Cabildo, Casa Rosada, the Cathedral, the Obelisk, the Congress, Government House, the Colonial Theater and the wide 9 de Julio Avenue, as well as the Puerto Madero Riverfront. We will also take a guide tour of the Colon Theater. This luxurious opera house has hosted Luciano Pavorotti, Maria Callas, Placido Domongo and many others. The theater's acoustics are world renowned.
  • Dinner Dinner this evening is in the renovated dockside area of Puerto Madero where you can enjoy a buffet dinner of typical foods.
Day 3 Tour Parana River Delta
  • Parana River Delta We journey just north of the city to explore the Parana River Delta, and extraordinary ecological zone. We will board the picturesque Tren de la Costa (riverside train) and take a scenic ride along the Rio de la Plata coast.
  • San Isidro We will stop at San Isidro station to visit its attractive shopping center. A short walk around the town takes us to the San Isidro Cathedral,
  • Tigre We will take the train to Tigre. Upon arrival at Tigre we will enjoy the natural scene and crafts at the Fruit Dock in Tigre.
  • Dinner and Tango Show This evening we will enjoy a Tango Dinner and Show at La Esquina Carlos Gardel, featuring the world-renowned passionate music and dance native to Argentina.
  • First Concert Performance Your first concert performance is today.
Day 4 Day Trip to the Pampas
  • Visit an "Estancia" Today we will enjoy an excursion to the Pampas and visit a typical "Estancia" or farm. The Pampas is one of the most important economical areas in Argentina. On the Estancia, the gaucho traditions are kept alive and we will spend a wonderful day in the countryside getting to know a typical Argentine ranch.
  • Estancia House On arrival we will visit the Estancia House (museum) before sampling local homemade empanada pastries. There will be activities such as horseback riding and sulky rides (one-horse carriages) before a typical Asado lunch.
  • Gaucho Dance and Music Show We will also enjoy a Gaucho Dance and Music Show and this is followed by viewing the gaucho's skills on their horses as we view Cuadreras and Ring Races.
Day 5 Tour Tucuman
  • Travel to Tucuman The Tucuman province is located in the North West of Argentina. There are many versions about the origins of the word Tucumán, although the most accepted one is that which claims the word comes from the quechua voice “yucumán”, which means “the place where rivers rise”. This province has a long history: it harbors important vestiges of pre-Columbian culture (like the warring Quilmes Indians) and the Spanish Colony. It also witnessed the Argentine emancipation: it was in its capital city where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1816.
  • Hotel check in Our accommodation for the next one night(s) will be in Tucuman.
  • City Tour of Tucuman We will enjoy a City Tour of Tucuman visiting the best of the city.
  • Light and Sound Show This evening we will attend a Light and Sound Show at the Historical House where the independence act was signed.
  • Dinner This evening, dinner will be provided in a local restaurant.
Day 6 Trip to Tafi del Valle
  • Tafi del Valle A village surrounded by mountains in the mid west of Tucuman whose name of the village comes from the diaguita word "Taktillakta" that means "town with a splendid entrance". It is situated in a deep depression and borders on Balchaqui mountains to the east, Munoz Hill to the west and to the south on Nunorco Grande.
  • Dinner This evening, dinner will be provided in a local restaurant.
Day 7 Tafi Del Valle – Cafayate – Salta
  • Abra del Infiernillo We start our excursion to the Aconquija Massif and visit the Abra del Infiernillo (the Hell Canyon).
  • Valles Calchaquies We will then travel along the Valles Calchaquies (Calchaquies Valleys), Amaicha del Valle and Cafayate. After some free time to enjoy the winery area, we will visit Quebrada de las Conchas, Valle de Lerma (Lerma Valley) before continuing onto to Salta.
  • Arrive in Salta Lying on the Lerma Valley, Salta is the capital city of the homonimous province. The Hispanic architecture of the city outstands from the other cities in the country. The colonial spirit from the times of the foundation remains in its houses, streets, hundred years old monuments and narrow sidewalks surrounded by the mountains nearby.
  • Hotel check in Our accommodation for the next three night(s) will be in Salta.
Day 8 Humahuaca Canyon & Jujuy
  • Humahuaca Canyon We start our journey to one of the most impressive places in the northwest, Humahuaca Canyon; declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. En route we will visit Tumbaya and Purmamarca with the multi-colored hill. We will then visit Maimara, Tilcara and its Pucara; Huacalera and Quia. We arrive this afternoon at Humahuaca. We can enjoy the market, the church and the Cabildo.
  • Jujuy City Tour We continue with a visit to Jujuy for a City Tour. Apart from the fantastic contrast of land colours and formations, tourists are attracted also by the strong aboriginal roots in the culture of Jujuy. Aymará and Quechua cultures coexist in the area, and ruins of the Incas are well conserved.
  • Dinner This evening, dinner will be provided in a local restaurant.
Day 9 Safari in Salta
  • Safari to the Clouds We will return to Salta to enjoy a safari called Safari a las Nubes (Safari to the Clouds) in a special 4x4 vehicle (Movitrack a las Nubes).
  • Dinner This evening, dinner will be provided in a local restaurant.
  • Final Concert Performance Enjoy your last concert performance in Salta this evening.
Day 10 Final Farewell
  • Departure from North America Our rewarding and enjoyable tour comes to an end as our Tour Director accompanies us to the airport on our final day.