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Your Adventure, Day by Day

Day 1 Departure from North America
  • Arrive in Lima Relax and enjoy our scheduled flight from North America. Our Tour Director will meet us at the airport. Our private coach will be waiting to transfer us to our hotel in Lima.
  • Hotel check in Our base for the next one night(s) will be Lima (area).
  • Learn about Lima Lima is Peru’s capital and largest city. It is set against dusty cliffs on the desert coast, and is often shrouded in a dense sea mist, known as the garúa. Lima boasts a number of important historical sites, and features pre-Columbian temples and vestiges of colonial mansions, as well as quality museums. The historical heart of the city is the Plaza de Armas, a large and handsome square with a 17th century bronze fountain.
  • Dinner We will enjoy local fare in a nearby restaurant this evening.
Day 2 Cruise to Cusco
  • Travel to Cusco Cusco is the storied capital of the Inca dynasty and gateway to the imperial city of Machu Picchu. Stately and historic, with stone streets and building foundations laid by the Incas more than 5 centuries ago, the town is remarkably dynamic, enlivened by throngs of travelers who have transformed the historic center around the Plaza de Armas into a mecca of sorts for South American adventurers.
  • Today, we will enjoy Lunch at a local restaurant.
  • Hotel check in Our accommodation for the next five night(s) will be in Cusco.
  • Walking Tour of Cusco Enjoy a Walking Tour of Cusco and take in many Inca remains, charming streets and the colonial section of the city. During your walk stop for a visit to Qoricancha – Templo del Sol and Santo Domingo, which together form the most vivid illustration in Cusco of the traditional Andean culture’s collision with Western Europe, as the temple of one culture sits atop and encloses the other.
  • Dinner Tonight we will enjoy dinner in a local restaurant.
Day 3 Sacred Sights Of Cusco
  • Hike through Cusco
  • Tambomach’ay Visit Tambomach’ay, a former temple devoted to cleansing rituals and water worshiping. Our hike then takes us up the Ancient Trail towards Saqsaywaman, where we will enjoy breathtaking views of the Andes mountain range above the Cusco Valley. We will witness a Ritual Demonstration performed by an apprentice who is studying anthropology, and learn how the people of the Andes related to the natural world.
  • Picnic Lunch We will stop and enjoy a Picnic Lunch.
  • Lanlakuyoj Laqo Explore the Lanlakuyoj Laqo (Temple of the Moon), a series of small caves and labyrinths.
  • Amphitheatre of Q’enko Then continue to the temple and amphitheatre of Q’enko, where a great limestone outcrop was hollowed out by the Incas and, in the void, they constructed a cave-like altar. Take the opportunity to duck down into the caves and tunnels beneath the rock and see the many channels cut into the rock, where it is thought that chicha or sacrificial blood coursed during ceremonies.
  • Sacsayhuaman Visit Sacsayhuaman, the greatest of the ruins at Cusco, and some of the Incas’ most extraordinary architecture and monumental stonework. Usually referred to as a garrison or fortress, it was probably a religious temple, though most experts also believe it had military significance. View the astounding outer walls, constructed in a zigzag formation of three tiers and the circular foundations of three towers that once stood above the walls.
  • First concert Performance Your concert performance will be today. Venue options include: Cusco Cathedral, the Church of the Society of Jesus, and Iglesia de San Blas.
  • Dinner Tonight we will enjoy dinner in a local restaurant.
Day 4 Chinchero – Moray – Salinas
  • Chinchero Visit the village of Chinchero, spectacularly sited above the rest of the valley, with gorgeous views of the snowy peak of Salcantay, as well as the Vilcabamba and Urubamba mountain ranges. Visit the Church, the Archaeological Sites and the Agricultural Terraces, as well as craftsmen in the markets. Attend a house-workshop, where Andean ladies will perform a Weaving Demonstration.
  • Lunch Enjoy a Watia Lunch. This meal consists of potatoes and beans baked in a traditional earthen oven.
  • Moray Experience Moray, one of the most unique Inca sites in the region, featuring enigmatic concentric ring terraces. Most likely, the site was an agricultural development station where masterful and relentlessly curious farmers among the Incas tested experimental crops and conditions. Three main sets of rings, like bowls, are set deep into the earth, forming strange sculpted terraces.
  • Salineras de Maras Discover Salineras de Maras, an amazing sight, where thousands of individual, ancient saltpans form unique terraces in a hillside. The mine’s small pools, thickly coated with crystallized salt like dirty snow, have existed in the same spot since Inca days and are still operable. Families pass them down like deeds and continue the backbreaking and poorly remunerated tradition of salt extraction.
  • Dinner Tonight we will enjoy dinner in a local restaurant.
Day 5 The Sacred Valley
  • Pisac Ruins Explore the Pisac Ruins, some of the finest and largest in the entire valley. Despite the excellent condition of many of the structures, little is conclusively known about the site’s actual purpose. It appears to have been part city, part ceremonial center and part military complex and it may have been a royal estate of the Inca emperor (Pachacútec).
  • Pisac Market Stroll through Pisac Market, one of the liveliest in Peru, where hundreds of stalls crowd the central square and spill down side streets. Sellers come from many different villages, many of them remote populations high in the Andes, and wear dress typical of their village. The goods for sale at the market include sweaters, ponchos, rugs, ceramics, and colorful weavings.
  • Llama Farm Visit a Llama Farm where we will learn more about these magnificent animals and have the opportunity to pet them.
  • Picnic Lunch We will stop and enjoy a Picnic Lunch.
  • Yucay Travel to Yucay, a pleasant and quiet little village with extraordinary views of the surrounding countryside. The Spaniards “bequeathed” the land to their puppet Inca chieftain, Sayri Tupac, who built a palace here. There are Inca foundations all around the attractive main plaza and some of the best agricultural terracing in the valley occupies the slopes of mountains around the village.
  • Learn about the Farming Process Experience a Demonstration of the Farming Process, such as the use of ancient terraces, ponds and water channels, as well as plowing, planting and harvesting. Learn to manipulate the old Incan tools and taste samples of the crops.
  • Dinner Tonight we will enjoy dinner in a local restaurant.
  • Second Concert Performance Your concert performance will be today. Venue options include: Cusco Cathedral, the Church of the Society of Jesus, and Iglesia de San Blas.
Day 6 Day Trip By Train To Machu Picchu
  • Explore Machu Picchu One of the most beautiful and mysterious sights in the world, Machu Picchu is a place you will never forget. Enjoy a guided tour of the ruins, including the Caretaker’s Hut and Funerary Rock, the Temple of the Sun (Torreón); the Royal Tomb; the Royal Sector, a still-functioning water canal. Then enter the lower section of the ruins, separated from the spiritually oriented upper section by a central plaza. The lower section was more prosaic in its function, mostly residential and industrial.
  • Lunch We will stop and enjoy a Picnic Lunch.
  • Return to Cusco We will return to Cusco via train.
  • Dinner
  • Tonight we will enjoy dinner in a local restaurant.
Day 7 Return to Lima
  • Morning Flight to Lima We will head back to Lima for the last leg of our trip.
  • Walking Tour of the Colonial Old Quarter Enjoy a Walking Tour of the Colonial Old Quarter as it once boasted many of the finest mansions in the hemisphere. View the Casa Riva-Agüero, an impressive 18th century mansion with a beautiful courtyard that now belongs to the Catholic University of Peru; Casa Aliaga, the oldest surviving house in Lima; Casa de Osambela Oquendo, the tallest house in colonial Lima and the Osambela House with eight wooden balconies to the street.
  • Archaeological and Anthropological Museum of Lima Visit the Archaeological and Anthropological Museum of Lima. The oldest state museum in Peru, its importance is rooted in the vast, varied cultural patrimony housed in its exhibition rooms and storerooms. Ceramics, textiles, metals and organic materials related to invaluable human remains are preserved and make up the legacy of Peru’s pre-Hispanic past.
  • Lunch Today, we will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant.
  • Third Concert Performance Your concert performance will be today. Venue options include: Lima Cathedral, Iglesia de San Francisco, and the National University of San Marcos.
  • Dinner We will dine at a local restaurant tonight.
Day 8 Final Farewell...
  • Departure to North America Our rewarding tour will come to an end as we take our early morning flight home. (generally 12:00 - 2: 00 am).