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Performance at the Pompeii AmphitheaterRehearsals with renowned conductorsDay trip to Capri
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Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii

Pompeii, Italy

The Coast of Sorrento

Sorrento, Italy

The Blue Grotto

Capri, Italy

Your Adventure, Day by Day

Day 1 Depart from North America
  • Relax and enjoy our scheduled flight from North America. Our 24-hour Tour Director will meet us at the airport and remain with us until our final airport departure.
  • We will have use of a private coach and driver, while touring for the next eight days.
Day 2 Arrive in Naples and Visit Sorrento
  • Naples As the capital of the Campania region, Naples is known for its rich history, art, culture, and gastronomy. For 2,800 years Naples has reigned as a powerful and unique city. A visit today reveals the same distinctive way of life that has made it one of the great cities of Italy.
  • Naples Duomo Visit the Naples Duomo adorned inside by 110 ancient granite columns dating from the 13th Century. Highlights include the Gothic Cappella Capece Minutolo with its beautiful 13th century frescoes and mosaic floor, the Cappella Tocco and the Cappella Carafa, known as one of the most elegant Renaissance architectural structures ever created.
  • Virgil's Tomb Visit Virgil's Tomb, which is found at the entrance of an ancient Roman tunnel in the Parco di Virgilio. In the centuries following his death, Virgil's name became associated with miraculous powers, and his tomb became a popular pilgrimage destination. The poet himself is said to have created the cave with the fierce power of his intense gaze.
  • Continue to Sorrento We will continue to the Sorrento (area), which will be our base for the next eight nights. While here, we will enjoy breakfast at the hotel.
  • Sorrento Sorrento is situated in the region of Campania one of the most culturally diverse areas in Italy. Influenced by Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Norman, Spanish, and French cultures, Campania is known for its gastronomy, music, architecture, and divine beauty.
Day 3 Festival Rehearsal and Visit La Galli
  • Ensemble Rehearsal Ensemble Rehearsal will be this morning, as we prepare for our performances later in the tour with a member of Philadelphia International Music Festival's world-class faculty.
  • Positano Seen from the sea, Positano is set in a dramatic vertical panorama of colours, the green of the Monti Lattari, the white, pink and yellow of the Mediterranean houses, the silvery grey of its pebble beaches and the blue of the sea. Explore this idyllic town, walk down on the cobbled streets to the sea front and enjoy the small local shops.
  • Set Sail for Li Galli This archipelago is believed to have been Homer's home of the Sirens.
  • Local Concert Performance Options for the performance include local operatic or ballet performance at either Teatro San Carlo, Teatro Tasso or the Teatro Municipale Giuseppe Verdi, or attend one of the local music festivals. (Subject to final confirmation)
Day 4 Festival Rehearsal and Recital at Salerno
  • Ensemble Rehearsal A member of Philadelphia International Music Festival's world-class faculty will lead us in Ensemble Rehearsal this morning.
  • Salerno Continue this afternoon to the town of Salerno, capital of Allied Italy in World War II. Visit the Duomo of Salerno, consecrated in 1085 to house the relics of St. Matthew the Evangelist. The Duomo is filled with beautiful stonework, mosaics and other pieces of art. In the Cappella delle Crociate, the Crusaders had their weapons blessed prior to sailing for the Holy Land.
  • LEAP: Pasta Tasting Learn how to make pasta using the same processes that were used over 200 years ago. You will explore the secrets of traditional pasta making and enjoy a Pasta Tasting.
  • Recital We will have a recital in Salerno or Sorrento this evening.
Day 5 Spend a Day in Capri
  • Take the Ferry from Sorrento or Naples to Capri
  • Capri Capri is an enchanting and picturesque island made of limestone rock. A favourite with Roman emperors, the rich and famous, artists, and writers, it's still one of the Mediterranean's must-see places. Capri is an island of many contrasts. For rushed daytrippers, it is a crowded maze of expensive boutiques. For historians, it is the palace-island of the Emperor Tiberius, dotted with neglected Roman remains.
  • Town of Capri Ride the Funicular Railway up from the marina to the town of Capri.
  • Villa Jovis Visit Villa Jovis, an interesting ruin that was the estate from which Tiberius ruled the Roman Empire from 27 to 37 AD. From the ruins, we will enjoy a stunning view of both the Bay of Salerno and the Bay of Naples.
  • LEAP: Dance the Tarantella! Learn the origin and history of this famous dance and its importance in the Italian tradition. With our teacher, we will be able to demonstrate the basic steps and a short routine.
Day 6 Pozzuoli and Rehearsal for Show
  • Pozzuoli Located in the Phlaegrean Fields of Campania, began as a Greek colony in Italy. The Romans created their own colony here in 194 BC, causing the area to grow quickly in importance.
  • Temple of Serapis View the Temple of Serapis, which is considered to be the city's symbol and is named after the discovery of the statue of Jupiter Serapis. In its time, the temple was actually a marketplace. It features three majestic columns in cipolin marble.
  • Visit a Lemon Orchard Lemons are one of the most important crops cultivated on the Amalfi Coast. They are now a world renowned symbol of the coast, growing to be larger than grapefruits and being used in everything imaginable; from sweets to liquors, pastas, salads and even eaten alone. Enjoy a visit through the Limoncello Liqueur Factory and taste the famous Limoncello of Sorrento, as well as the traditional Baba dessert.
  • Ensemble Rehearsal A member of Philadelphia International Music Festival's world-class faculty will lead us in Ensemble Rehearsal.
Day 7 Explore Pompeii and Rehearse with Your Conductors
  • Roman Ruins at Pompeii Explore the magnificent Roman ruins at Pompeii, which give a fascinating glimpse into Roman life. In 79 AD, the fury of nearby Mt. Vesuvius was unleashed upon this prosperous city, killing its 2,000 inhabitants and burying it under pumice and ash. Today, the excavations reveal the ruins of the city's amphitheatres, forum, baths, streets and splendid houses, some with their frescoes still visible. Finally we explore the Villa of the Mysteries outside the city walls.
  • Mt. Vesuvius Ascend Mt. Vesuvius, the active volcano that dominates Campania. When it erupted in 79 AD, it destroyed most of the nearby Roman settlements, including Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae.
  • Ensemble Rehearsal A member of Philadelphia International Music Festival's world-class faculty will lead us in Ensemble Rehearsal.
Day 8 Visit Amalfi Coast and See a Concert in Ravello
  • Amalfi Coast Enjoy a ride along the spectacular Amalfi Coast, undoubtedly one of the most scenic coastlines anywhere in the world.
  • Explore Ravello, the City of Music Explore Ravello, known as the City of Music. Visit the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium, built by the aforementioned Brazillian architect as a centre for artistic expression. They host musicians, dancers, and shows of sculpture and other artistic works.
  • Villa Rufolo Visit the Villa Rufolo, as renovated by Scottish Botanist Sir Francis Neville Reid. This is where Richard Wagner wrote the second act of Parsifal, and in that spirit hosts an annual summer concert seriesoverlooking the Amalfi coast.
  • Concert Performance We will give a concert this evening in Ravello, the City of Music
Day 9 Explore Herculaneum and Performance Day!
  • Herculaneum Visit the ruins and excavations at Herculaneum, where people were working to repair damage caused by an earlier earthquake when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. Herculaneum has not been completely excavated because it was buried under lava, which is much heavier than the ash and pumice that destroyed Pompeii. This proved to be beneficial, however, because the lava provided greater protection and preservation of the buildings underneath, many of which were more elaborately constructed than those at Pompeii.
  • Rehearsal for the Grand Finale Rehearsal for the Grand Finale will be this afternoon with our conductor.
  • Grand Finale Performance Our tour culminates in a Grand Finale performance this evening.
Day 10 Final Farewell
  • Departure from Naples Our rewarding and enjoyable tour comes to an end as our Tour Director accompanies us to the airport on our final day.