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Immerse yourself in Iceland

Your Adventure, Day by Day

Day 1 Off to Iceland!
  • Depart for Iceland Fly to Reykjavík
Day 2 Hello Reykjavík
  • Arrive Arrive in Reykjavík.
  • Viking Museum Tour the renowned Viking Museum in Reykjavík.
  • Spotlight: Aquaculture Visit a fish farm to discuss aquaculture.
  • Spotlight: Geothermal Energy Exhibition at Reykjanesvirkjun Power Plant Visit the Geothermal Energy Exhibition at Reykjanesvirkjun Power Plant and explore how Iceland makes the most of the natural resources present in the country. Over 25 percent of the nation's energy is produced by five geothermal power stations and over 73 percent by hydro power; fossil fuels account for only 0.1 percent of power used in Iceland. This exhibition is a state of the art display on how geothermal energy is harnessed in a sustainable manner and explores green energy as a global energy resource.
Day 3 The South Coast
  • Depart for the South Coast
  • Visit a black-sand beach This stretch of black basalt sand is a famous and beautiful spot. Explore the cliffs and caves west of the beach and look for the puffins burrowing into the sand.
  • Expert Access: Eyjafjallojull Volcano Meet with an Arctic research scientist to learn about the latest eruption here and studies being done on the volcano. Assist with field and physical volcanology.
  • Spotlight: Glaciers Gear up and walk on a Solheimajokull glacier, take measurements of the glaciers path, and collect ice samples at this accessible glacier.
  • Waterfalls Visit the spectacular Skogafoss waterfall. Then, get a 360-degree view of Seljalandsofoss waterfall as you walk behind it.
  • Hvolsvollur Head to Hvolsvollur for a night's rest.
Day 4 Hvolsvollur
  • Spotlight: Geothermal Park Take water samples and measure water temperature at this geothermal park. Compare this geothermal site to a nearby site where new vents were created following the 2008 Earthquake.
  • Spotlight: Caving Go underground and investigate the geological strata of Iceland.
Day 5 The Soil of Iceland
  • Spotlight: Soil Conservation Service Learn about attempts to reclaim farmlands and prevent erosion due to deforestation and human impacts. Meet with researchers, tour the labs, and assist on a project.
  • Green Energy Visit a tomato greenhouse to learn about green energy and horticulture. Meet the owner and learn how they have harnessed multiple renewable resources. Learn about how technology and innovation have enabled them to be successful.
  • Return to Reykjavik
Day 6 Golden Circle
  • Thingvellir National Park The long deep cracks, running from the north-east to the south-west, give the landscape the appearance of a crevassed glacier. See the country's largest lake, Lake Thingvallavatn, set against a breathtaking view of the park's mountain peaks covered in snow.
  • Gulfoss Visit the most famous waterfall in Iceland; its waters rush down a "staircase" and into a crevice from the wide Hvita River.
  • Geysir Known as the Great Geysir, this geyser (a word derived from the Icelandic verb geysa, "to gush") is perhaps the first ever discovered by Europeans.
  • Free night in Reykjavik
Day 7 Geothermal Iceland
  • Hverageroi Geothermal Field Experience the power of these accessible geothermal lands and hot springs. Enjoy a natural clay foot bath, or sample the famous bread baked by the heat of the ground.
  • Special Access: Geothermal Power Plant Meet with a representative at the power plant and learn about how they harness geothermal power.
  • Gunnarsholt Soil Conservation Visit the Gunnarsholt Soil Conservation area, where experts study erosion of sands and soils. The freezing and thawing of the ground has led to complex erosion and distribution of soil.
  • Keldur See Keldur, a historical farmstead area, a part of the National Museum Historic Buildings Collection.
  • Hellsheidi Power Plant Visit the Hellsheidi Power Plant, the third-largest geothermal powerplant in the world. The plant was created to provide electricity to the city of Reykjavik.
  • Free night in Reykjavik
Day 8 Depart
  • Spotlight: Blue Lagoon Relax and enjoy the world famous bright blue mineral-rich swimming pool, with geothermally heated water in the middle of a large lava field.
  • Depart Reykjavik Enjoy your flight home.

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