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Customize Your Program

Designing Your Custom Program

We believe this kind of learning experience demands a unique travel itinerary, and that’s why we specialize in customized travel programs. Whether its J-term, spring break, May-mester, etc., our program development team, alongside our Global Academic Team, will consult with you to translate your curriculum into a one-of-a-kind learning experience that will deliver the educational outcome you’re looking for. From selecting your destination to identifying interactive experiences that bring your classroom to life, our thematic approach ensures that your goals drive every decision we make together.

A Personal Partner

Once your program is developed, you’ll work directly with an account manager who will be your champion, working directly with our large team of logistical experts, curriculum specialists, and on-the-ground partners. Our loyal clients see their account managers as an integral part of their own university teams, ensuring that your program is uniquely yours each and every year.

Meet our VP of Program Development

Jennifer FisherJennifer Fisher leads a team of WorldStrides’ program development specialists, working directly with new university clients to globalize their curriculum with short-term faculty-led cultural immersion experiences. Jen brings a passion for customized curriculum solutions to this role after more than 20 years working with institutions of higher learning.

To begin customizing your program, give us a call at 1-800-422-2368.

Topics to Explore

In Malaysia, you might choose to explore some of the following topics:


Natural beauty, history, and a diverse and varied culture await visitors to this Southeast Asian country. The 11th most visited country in the world in 2014; tourism contributes 13% of Malaysia’s GDP. Explore the path this country took to market itself as a desirable tourist destination, and discuss the possible negative effects that increased industrialization, pollution, and deforestation may have on this important part of Malaysia’s economy.


Peninsular Malaysia boasts some of the most advanced and well-developed infrastructure in Asia. Its close connection to Singapore will be supplemented by the addition of a high-speed rail line between the two nations. From its extensive highway networks, to its world class international airports, its efficient seaports, to its expanding telecommunications system, Malaysia continues to develop innovations that benefit its strong position in the region.


Ranked 22nd in the world on the Global Financial Centres Index, plans are in place to increase Kuala Lumpur’s financial sector to compete with regional financial bigshots. Internationally, Malaysia is the largest center of Islamic Finance; competition in this sector of Malaysia’s banking industry has the potential to continue the growth the world has seen since the 1960s.



Spotlight on Malaysia Tourism

Destination Overview

Spotlight on Malaysia

When it emerged as an independent federation from the British Empire in the 1960s, Malaysia began a transformation that’s pushed the Southeast Asian nation to heights few imagined. Though it is not yet as rich as its one-time territory Singapore, this stable, multi-cultural, and biodiverse nation is the third largest economy in Southeast Asia today and aspires to even greater heights by 2020. Targeted government programs aim to diversify an economy traditionally fueled by natural resources and officially achieve status as a “developed nation.”

Kuala Lumpur, along with the other regions of Peninsula Malaysia which include major cities like Melaka, George Town, and Penang, accounts for more than 80% of the nation’s population.