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Customize Your Program

Designing Your Custom Program

We believe this kind of learning experience demands a unique travel itinerary, and that’s why we specialize in customized travel programs. Whether its J-term, spring break, May-mester, etc., our program development team, alongside our Global Academic Team, will consult with you to translate your curriculum into a one-of-a-kind learning experience that will deliver the educational outcome you’re looking for. From selecting your destination to identifying interactive experiences that bring your classroom to life, our thematic approach ensures that your goals drive every decision we make together.

A Personal Partner

Once your program is developed, you’ll work directly with an account manager who will be your champion, working directly with our large team of logistical experts, curriculum specialists, and on-the-ground partners. Our loyal clients see their account managers as an integral part of their own university teams, ensuring that your program is uniquely yours each and every year.

Meet our VP of Program Development

Jennifer FisherJennifer Fisher leads a team of WorldStrides’ program development specialists, working directly with new university clients to globalize their curriculum with short-term faculty-led cultural immersion experiences. Jen brings a passion for customized curriculum solutions to this role after more than 20 years working with institutions of higher learning.

To begin customizing your program, give us a call at 1-800-422-2368.

Topics to Explore

In Ghana, you might choose to explore some of the following topics:

Slave Trade

More than six million Africans were shipped from West Africa to North and South America over generations. Tour the infamous forts, castles, and dungeons of Ghana, and deepen your understanding of the history and continuing implications of the African slave trade.


Ghana’s recently discovered oil fields seemed like its ticket to economic prosperity. Recent growth (early 2010s) was driven by the petrochemical industry, with as much as $420 billion (USD) in investments in oil and gas operations expected over just five years. But falling energy prices and a currency crisis have curtailed that growth. Though oil production is expected to increase, its impact has been significantly reduced. Meet with business leaders to see how Ghana can secure long-lasting growth.


Information and communications technology is becoming increasingly more relevant in Ghana. By improving the information infrastructure throughout the country, the medical, financial, and communications sectors will all become more secure and efficient. Learn how implementing unique, modern technology into Ghanaian communities can advance social and economic change.


Destination Overview

Coffee Beans
Ghana Now

Today, Ghana boasts one of the more stable governments in Africa and a reputation for free speech and press. Its economy is strongly linked to cocoa, gold, and oil, which make up a combined 75% of exports and contributed to growth in the beginning of the decade. More recently, falling prices have hurt all three industries, and Ghana is still working to reduce its reliance there. Devalued currency is also a major challenge, and there is more work to be done to control high inflation and corruption in government. But much of the ground work is in place for a peaceful and prosperous future. In short, Ghana is one to watch.