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Customize Your Program

Designing Your Custom Program

We believe this kind of learning experience demands a unique travel itinerary, and that’s why we specialize in customized travel programs. Whether its J-term, spring break, May-mester, etc., our program development team, alongside our Global Academic Team, will consult with you to translate your curriculum into a one-of-a-kind learning experience that will deliver the educational outcome you’re looking for. From selecting your destination to identifying interactive experiences that bring your classroom to life, our thematic approach ensures that your goals drive every decision we make together.

A Personal Partner

Once your program is developed, you’ll work directly with an account manager who will be your champion, working directly with our large team of logistical experts, curriculum specialists, and on-the-ground partners. Our loyal clients see their account managers as an integral part of their own university teams, ensuring that your program is uniquely yours each and every year.

Meet our VP of Program Development

Jennifer FisherJennifer Fisher leads a team of WorldStrides’ program development specialists, working directly with new university clients to globalize their curriculum with short-term faculty-led cultural immersion experiences. Jen brings a passion for customized curriculum solutions to this role after more than 20 years working with institutions of higher learning.

To begin customizing your program, give us a call at 1-800-422-2368.

Topics to Explore

In Ethiopia, you might choose to explore some of the following topics:


Rapid GDP growth has attracted foreign investment, and bolstered government support for upgrading vital road and air infrastructure. Meet with business leaders to see how they adapt to increased transportation capacity, and a growing, dynamic domestic economy.


With more than 80% of the population employed in agriculture, Ethiopia depends on foreign demand for agricultural products and good harvests to prop up GDP. Study the long-term implications of climate change and dependence on foreign exports for domestic economic stability.


As agricultural productivity increases, the light manufacturing sector in Ethiopia has grown, parallel with demand for agricultural products and textiles. Landlocked and economically dependent on exports, Ethiopia must rely on foreign ports for distribution. Consider the geopolitical challenges of accommodating increased foreign demand and export capacity.




Spotlight on Ethiopia

Destination Overview

Spotlight on Ethiopia

Ethiopia compares to Scandinavia in terms of income-inequality levels, ranking as one of the lowest in the world. Despite these strides, Ethiopia is still one of the poorest countries in the world, in part due to its rapid population growth and dependence on commodities, which leaves the economy vulnerable to climatic hazards and shifts in global prices. For example, the decrease in oilseed and gold prices negatively affected the economy in 2015, though economic activity as a whole stayed strong.

In 2015, the European Council on Tourism and Trade ranked Ethiopia the world’s best tourist destination. The country is impressively home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites!