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Your program is one-of-a-kind. Your itinerary should be too. We craft each program with a thematic approach, developing a day-by-day schedule that matches your curriculum, your goals, and your needs.

How it works

You’ll work directly with your own Program Development manager to craft your itinerary from the beginning. He or she is an extension of your university team, consulting with our ground team and our curriculum specialists to give your students an experience that’s uniquely yours. Once we settle on a basic itinerary, you’ll get your own account manager who will work to make sure your program’s goals are met, year after year after year.

Wes YoungOur Expert in South America


Wes Young, Director of Operations—South America, lives and works in Latin America and helps to forge authentic connections for groups traveling in the region. His connections pave the way for a seamless travel experience, as well as new opportunities for groups to meet and learn from locals engaged in their field.

To begin customizing your program, give us a call at 1-800-422-2368.

Topics to Explore

In Chile, you might choose to explore some of the following topics:

Economic Capital

Prosperous and stable with a famously low income tax rate, Chile has become one of the best places in Latin America to do business. Study finance, telecomm, mining, or agribusiness here by visiting companies excelling in these fields and learn about Chile’s role in the regional economy. Especially with neighbor Brazil struggling, Chile is a nation at the top of a region on the rise.

Easter Island

Come face to face with the enormous moai, the stone statues that have made this UNESCO Heritage site famous. Learn about the islanders, past and present, and the mysterious events that occurred in this remote volcanic island.


Walk in the footsteps of Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral, both Nobel prize-winning poets who made Chilean literature famous. Study Chilean history and geopolitics through the eyes of these then-diplomats and read about the Latin American experience through their powerful works.

Patagonia Adventure

Perfect for a pre-matriculation program! See the Spotlight on Argentina for more.


Destination Overview

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Chile Now

Though widely condemned for violating human rights and suppressing political free will, dictator August Pinochet’s 16-year reign began a radical turn toward free markets that set the stage for Chile’s current economic policies. Democratically elected governments since the 1990s have largely continued on this path, while also dramatically reducing poverty and increasing global competitiveness.

Over this time, Chile has increasingly assumed regional and international leadership roles befitting its status as a stable, democratic nation. Today, Chile is Latin America’s most competitive economy, ranking first in Latin America and 28th out of 139 countries worldwide in the Global Competitiveness Index calculated by the World Economic Forum. With world-class agriculture, a growing tech infrastructure, and abundant natural resources, Chile is likely to continue to attract investment of all kinds from Latin America and elsewhere.