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Your Adventure, Day by Day

Day 1 Departure from North America
  • Take Flight Enjoy full meal service on your scheduled wide-bodied flight to Amsterdam.
Day 2 Arrive in Amsterdam
  • Canal Cruise You will be met at the airport by your tour manager/guide who will accompany you on your own private coach to your Amsterdam hotel. Our sightseeing will begin with an introductory Canal Cruise. We will view the Royal Palace built on 13,000 piles and dominating the Dam, the heart of the city.
Day 3 Amsterdam
  • Walking Tour of the City Our morning begins with a Walking Tour of the City. Highlights include the Nieuwe Kerk, the coronation spot for Holland’s royals, there is also the Anne Frank Museum, and a special spot called the “United Europe”. Here you will pass through seven countries in about a minute. The architectural design of these private residences is representative of Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Holland, and Great Britain.
  • Rijks Museum The afternoon will be spent at the Rijks Museum. It houses some of Holland’s greatest artistic treasures. Rembrant and Vermeer, as well as old favorites Jacob Van Ruisdael and Hendrick Avercamp are displayed here. The remainder of the day is yours to spend at leisure exploring Amsterdam.
Day 4 Amsterdam – Cologne Area
  • Old Town Walking Tour Today we will drive into Germany to visit one of its most exciting cities, Cologne. Founded by the Romans, Cologne was Germany's largest city in the Middle Ages. We will take a Walking Tour of the Old Town that will include a visit to the Cathedral. This magnificent structure took 600 years to build and was the first Gothic church in the Rhineland. We will also visit the Roman-Germanic Museum with its impressive collection of mosaics and other artifacts from Roman Cologne.
Day 5 Day Trip to Aachen and Bonn
  • Cathedral This morning we travel to Aachen, where we will visit the Cathedral begun by Charlemagne in the year 800, it was later completed in 1414, commemorating the 600th anniversary of the Emperors death. Inside, we will view the Ambo of Henry II, a small pulpit gilded in copper and decorated with precious stones, the Pala d’ Oro, a gorgeous gold-faced frontal illustrated with scenes from the Passion and Christ in Majesty, the Charlemagne Shrine, where the emperor’s bones are preserved, the Throne of Charlemagne, and the Domschatzkammer (Treasury), one of the richest in Germany.
  • Walking Tour of Bonn Our day continues to Bonn, birthplace of Beethoven and the former capital of West Germany. We will take a Walking Tour of the City Center, including a stroll along the Rheinufer on the banks of the Rhie River, Munster St Martin, the Baroque Elector’s Palace housing Bonn University, and the Markt, highlighted by Baroque Rathaus.
  • Beethovenhaus Our afternoon will also include a visit to the Beethovenhaus, a museum housed in the 18th century house where the composer was born and lived until the age of 22.
  • Return to Cologne We return to Cologne for the evening.
Day 6 Cologne Area – Bruges Area
  • Travel to Bruges Today we leave Germany and travel into Brussels. Please make sure your passports are available for a quick border check.
  • Walking Tour in Bruges Once we settle in we will take a walking tour of the Bruges area. Your local guide will acquaint you with some of the featured sights. You will have time to shop and enjoy the area at your leisure.
Day 7 Bruges
  • Belfry & Burg Square Our sight seeing will begin as we ascend the Belfry, which since 1300 has towered mightily over the Market Square. We will continue to Burg Square, Bruge’s civic center, historically the birthplace of the city and site of the 9th century castle of the first Count of Flanders. Today it is a park, surrounded by six centuries of architecture, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and baroque.
  • Basilica of Holy Blood Our day will also include a visit to the Basilica of the Holy Blood, originally the Chapel of St. Basil, it is famous for the relic of the blood of Christ which, according to tradition, was brought to Bruges in 1150, after the Second Crusade.
  • Groeninge Museum Our day will end with a visit to the Groeninge Museum which is a diverse and classy collection of mostly Flemish art from Memling to Magritte.
Day 8 Day Trip to Brussels
  • Notre Dame of Laken Today we travel to the capital city to enjoy some of its inherent beauty. Our first stop will be the Notre Dame of Laken. This church is the burial place for many Belgian Kings. Among the various monuments and memorials is the original “Thinker” by Rodin.
  • Royal Residence & Marketplace We will then Visit the Royal Residence and the Chinese Pavilion and Japanese Tower. The afternoonwillbegiventoanextendvisitoftheMarketPlaceamustseewhileinBrussels. Thesquareistheheartofthe city and the base for government activity. The Royal Palace and parliament building are magnificent sites to see while here.
  • Free Time The afternoon is yours to wander and explore this magnificent area. We will have our dinner in Brussels.
Day 9 Depart for Home
  • Fly Home from Brussels Your enjoyable and rewarding tour will come to an end as your tour manager/guide accompanies you to the airport for the return flight home.