A Catholic pilgrimage to Portugal and Spain connects you to a long and venerable tradition of traveling to places considered both sacred and holy. At the beginning of the 10th Century the belief that visiting a shrine or sacred place, and even the ability to touch the bones or belongings of holy people, would bring you closer to God had become increasingly popular and more broadly adopted. This is what drew almost half a million pilgrims each year to Compostela and the Shrine of the Apostle James. Later, it would be Lisbon and the places associated with St. Anthony of Lisbon also known as St. Anthony of Padua. At the beginning of the 20th Century, pilgrims came to Fatima to visit the sites where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three peasant children: Lucia, Francesco and Jacinta. The apparitions began on May 13, 1917 and continued for 6 more times, ending on October 17, 1917. So more than a 100 years later, Catholic pilgrims from around the globe are still coming to these revered locations to reflect and pray and share their own modern day examples of how visitors have been changed and healed in ways they never fathomed. This highly meaningful pilgrimage to the Iberian peninsula will allow your group both to gather with the throngs in Fatima for the evening candlelight process with the pilgrim statue, and also to experience the joyous shouts as another person of faith finally crosses the pilgrim spot in the square at Compostela.