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Your Adventure, Day by Day

Day 1 Depart from North America
  • Relax and enjoy our scheduled flight from North America.
Day 2 Arrival in Berlin
  • Welcome and Hotel check-in Our 24-hour tour director will meet us at the airport and remain with us until our final airport departure. Our private coach will be waiting to transfer us to our hotel in Berlin. For the next six evenings we will enjoy the convenience of our centrally-located Berlin hotel, where daily breakfast will be included. In Berlin, the cost of public transport is included for all group sightseeing. Escorted by our tour director, we will be able to experience the city in the same manner as the local people.
  • Walking Tour Take a walking tour of Breitscheidplatz and the Kurfürstendamm, the center of former West Berlin. See the Kant-Dreieck (a building containing only right-angles), the Jüdisches Gemeindehaus, Fasanenstrasse, the Theater des Westens, the Ludwig-Erhard Haus, and the spectacular Europa Center.
  • Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtniskirch See the Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche (Memorial Church), which illustrates the destructive power of war. The church was damaged heavily during World War II and has been left in its damaged state as a reminder of war and its consequences.
  • Dinner We will enjoy our evening meal together in a local restaurant.
Day 3 Tour Berlin's History
  • Local Insight During the course of our tour in Germany, we will gain from the knowledge and insight of one-half-day local guides.
  • Neue Wache Stop to visit the Neue Wache, a monument to victims of Militarism and Fascism. The building, which stands back from the Unter den Linden, houses the mortal remains of the Unknown Soldier from the battlefields, and those of an unknown prisoner from a concentration camp.
  • Pergamon Museum Spend time at the Pergamon Museum, and explore the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, housed in the north and east wings of the museum. Enter the central hall to view the Pergamon Altar (180–160 BC), which is so large that it has a huge room all to itself; some 27 steps lead from the museum floor up to the colonnade.
  • Bundestag Visit the Bundestag, home to the German Parliament. Housed in the rebuilt Reichstag building (previously destroyed by the Allies in World War II), the building was inaugurated in 1999 as the location for the new German Parliament. We will take an elevator ride to the Glass Dome and Observation Platform for a sweeping vista of Berlin.
  • Brandenburg Gate Spend time at the Brandenburg Gate, a triumphal arch, which stood in “no man’s land” between East and West Berlin during the Cold War and became a symbol of a divided Germany. Enter the Room of Silence, built into one of the guard houses, where visitors gather to meditate and reflect on Germany’s past.
  • Walk Down Unter der Linden Enjoy a walking tour down the famous Unter den Linden, one of Berlin’s most fashionable and important boulevards. Along the walk, view the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek, the Equestrian Statue of Frederick the Great, Humboldt- Universität, and the Deutsche Staatsoper.
  • Berliner Dom Visit the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral), a modern cathedral destroyed during World War II, but fully restored to its original beauty.
  • Dinner We will enjoy our evening meal together in a local restaurant.
Day 4 Potsdam
  • Travel to Potsdam A private coach and driver will accompany us today on our trip outside the city. Potsdam was named the capital city of the newly founded State of Brandenburg in 1990. It is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Its most popular site is the Schloss Sanssouci palace, located in the park to which it gives its name. Another palace in the area, the Cecilienhof, was host to the 1945 Potsdam Conference, the major post-World War II negotiations between the victorious Allies. Other places of historic interest include the Alexandrowka (the Russian Colony in the north of Potsdam), the Holländisches Viertel (the Dutch Quarter), and the Weavers’ Quarter.
  • Sanssouci Park and Palace Explore Sanssouci Park and Palace. Enter the Schloss Sanssouci via the unforgettable steps surrounded by impeccable landscaping. View the bedchamber and study of Frederick the Great and the Hall of Marble. While exploring Sanssouci Park, see the magnificent Chinesisches Teehaus, a circular pavilion decorated with gilded statues.
  • Neues Palais Visit the Neues Palais, ordered by Frederick the Great, including the Palace, the Grotto, and the Theater.
  • The Bildergalerie Visit Sanssouci Park’s Bildergalerie, the first purpose-built gallery in Germany, which now houses a collection of Baroque paintings once owned by Frederick the Great (including works by Caravaggio, Reni, van Dyck, and Rubens).
  • Dinner Tonight we will dine in a local restaurant. After dinner we will have time to explore the historic Nikolaiviertel (Nikolai Quarter), located on the banks of the Spree River and restored in time for the city’s 750th anniversary. This is where Berlin was born, and many of the medieval and baroque buildings in the neighborhood were authentically reconstructed after World War II.
Day 5 Go Deeper into Berlin
  • Schloss Charlottenburg Visit Schloss Charlottenburg, one of the finest examples of baroque architecture in Germany. Built by Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Friedrich I, the residence was begun as a summer palace, but eventually grew into the massive structure it is today. See the historical apartments, including the apartments of Friedrich and his “philosopher queen,” as well as the Reception Chamber, decorated with frieze panels, vaulted ceilings, and mirror-paneled niches, and the Porcelain Chamber, containing a fine collection of Chinese porcelain. Visit the new wing, known as the Knobelsdorff-Flügel, which contains the apartments of Friedrich the Great.
  • Tiergarten Spend time in the Tiergarten, the largest green space in central Berlin, with more than 14 miles of meandering walkways, canals, ponds, and flowerbeds. View some of the park’s monuments, including the Victory Column, a golden goddess of victory perched atop a soaring red-granite pedestal. You may wish to take the opportunity to climb the 290-step spiral staircase to the 157-foot Observation Platform (at your own expense).
  • Gemäldegalerie Visit the Gemäldegalerie (Picture Gallery), one of Germany’s finest art museums. Several rooms are devoted to early German masters, including the Dürer collection, as well as many of the great European masters, including Raphael, Titian, Botticelli, Correggio, van Eyck, Bosch, Brueghel, and Rembrandt.
  • Dinner We will enjoy our evening meal together in a local restaurant.
Day 6 Day Trip to Lutherstadt Wittenberg
  • Lutherstadt Wittengerg Lutherstadt Wittenberg, the capital of the Reformation, is located to the south of Berlin in the Saxony-Anhalt region of Germany. This small town was named after its most famous resident, Martin Luther, and enjoys a scenic position on the banks of the Elbe River. A private coach and driver will accompany us today on our trip outside the city.
  • Walking Tour Take a walking tour of Lutherstadt Wittenberg, which will highlight many of the important buildings and landmarks of the town. These include: Schloss Wittenberg, built for Frederick the Wise; the Rathaus; Cranachhaus, the residence of the great painters Lucas Cranach the Elder and Younger; and Melanchthonhaus, the home of Martin Luther’s greatest ally.
  • Schlosskirche Visit Schlosskirche (Castle Church), where Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses in 1517. The church contains the tombs of Luther, Melanchthon, and Frederick the Wise.
  • St. Mary's Church See St. Mary’s Church, (also known as Stadtkirche or City Church), where Martin Luther preached and married.
  • Lutherhalle Visit Lutherhalle, a museum dedicated to Martin Luther and the history of the German Reformation. It includes a section on Reformation art, with works by Lucas Cranach the Elder and Younger.
  • Dinner We will enjoy our evening meal together in a local restaurant.
Day 7 Berlin
  • Checkpoint Charlie Explore the Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie and view parts of the Berlin Wall, as well as an illustrated history of the Berlin Wall and the division it caused in the city and in Germany.
  • Topographie des Terrors Visit the Topographie des Terrors, a shocking exhibition detailing Nazi crimes, housed within the former Gestapo and SS headquarters.
  • Jüdisches Museum Spend time at the Jüdisches Museum, housed in an imaginative display of modern architecture, which itself conveys something of the tragic history of the millions of Jews who lost their lives in the Holocaust. The collection focuses on Jewish history and art, as well as the everyday life of Berlin’s Jewish population.
  • Dinner We will enjoy our evening meal together in a local restaurant.
Day 8 Return to the United States
  • Fly Home Our rewarding and enjoyable tour comes to an end as our tour director accompanies us to the airport on our final day.
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