WorldStrides Curriculum and Academics

Our Educational Mission

Educators are becoming increasingly mindful of the role that hands-on learning and experiential opportunities play in knowledge acquisition. We see this philosophical shift in the way schools, administrators, teachers, and families look to interdisciplinary options, project-based learning, international exposure, and other endeavors beyond classroom walls to complete the educational experience.

We are humbled to be part of that important work with an interactive learning philosophy we use on our educational tours call LEAP, as well as online coursework for students and professional development for educators. We are proud to participate in the processes of educational accreditation in the U.S. and Canada just like a school, which allows our in-house educators a unique chance to share our philosophy, teaching techniques, and content with like-minded accreditors. And we are proud to partner with educators to create the curriculum for our individual programs, as well as support the learning outcomes of our study abroad experiences.

Today’s students engage in a world of advancing complexity. Our mission and vision support these students in preparing for that challenge. We seek to stimulate thinking, challenge complacency, inspire creativity, and nurture stewardship.


Educational Accreditation

WorldStrides is accredited by educational bodies across the country, and we have a dedicated Curriculum and Academics Department—this means we’re an actual school, and can offer students high school and college preparatory credit.

Benefits for our educators

Educator Opportunities and Benefits

When you give your students the life-changing experience of travel, you deserve kudos for making a creative and lasting contribution to their education. Below are a few of the rewards that you – and they – receive with WorldStrides travel:

Educator benefits
  • We offer an easy promotion and recruitment process for getting your trip going
  • You can travel free, and also earn free spots for family and colleagues
  • You can get professional development credit for your travel
Student benefits
  • A broader worldview and more mature life perspective
  • Stronger friendships and the fun of a shared adventure
  • Eligibility for academic credit, including three free college preparatory credits for students traveling on our Perspectives programs
  • For adult learners, an expanded network of connections

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