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Itinerary Highlights

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5 days, 5 nights

  • Tour Rome: View Palazzo Corsini and Piazza del Collegio Romano, visit St. Maria Sopra Minerva Basilica (where Galileo was sentenced and recanted his works), walk around Piazza della Minerva and enjoy a trip to the Pantheon.
  • Visit Vatican City and the Vatican Museums: Today you will visit Vatican City and the Vatican museums where you will have reservations, entrances and whisperers covered.
  • Enjoy a free day: Spend a free day in Rome to explore the city’s many sights, sounds and tastes that you’ve been wanting to see.


3 days, 3 nights

  • Spend the day in Siena: En route to Pisa, stop in Siena where you will view Papesse Palace (where Galileo and his guests stayed during his exile in Siena) and visit Piazza del Campo, Torre del Mangia and Siena Cathedral on own.
  • Tour Pisa: During your time in Pisa, visit the National Museum of the Palazzo Reale, see the Ammannati House (the birthplace of Galileo), and visit the Leaning Tower, the Cathedral and the Baptistery of Pisa.


5 days, 5 nights

  • Visit Vinci: On your way from Pisa to Florence, stop in Vinci and enjoy free time to explore this city that dates back to the early middle ages.
  • Tour Florence: During your time in Florence, see the House of Galileo Galilei on Costa San Giorgio, visit the Museo Galileo and partake in the “The Life and Works of Galileo” tour, visit the Arcetri Observatoryk, view the Convent of San Matteo, tour the Villa Il Gioiello, and explore Santa Croce (including the tombs and memorials).
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Meet the Faculty

Dr. Michael Cullin

Chair, Geology & Physics Department
Dr. Cullin is both passionate and enthusiastic. He has been a Physics Teacher or Professor at the high school and university level for over 25 years. He teaches both physics and science education courses at Lock Haven University.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

WorldStrides is committed to making international travel accessible for students. To find out how to apply for $500 in need-based assistance or our merit-based $3,000 Higher Education Traveler Scholarship, click here.

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For Parents

Thank you for considering this global opportunity for your students, and for trusting me with the important responsibility of educating them. In addition to building their resume and their network, I believe a program like this builds essential perspective that will set them on a path to becoming more global citizens!

I have chosen WorldStrides as an educational travel partner because of their reputation for excellence in logistics, educational content, and most importantly, safety and security. Read more about WorldStrides.


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