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Visa Information

A valid passport and visa is required for United States citizens to enter Brazil.  WorldStrides will assist with passport and Visa services.  Within 24 hours of program registration, WorldStrides will provide a Visa toolkit with pertinent information regarding Visa and passport validity needs.

Itinerary Highlights

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6 days, 5 nights

  • Praia do Forte Nature Experience:  The Atlantic Forest reserve is a secondary forest, and has been naturally reforested itself for planting coconut palm trees since its devastation during the Portuguese invasion.  The reserve area is 140km, where visitors are able to enjoy several activities such as:  a guided, light trek through Sapiranga Ecological Reserve to learn more about planning trees as a part of the local reforestation project; Zip lining over the river; and canoeing upstream while enjoying the magnificent sights and sounds of the rainforest.
  • Bahia Cuisine Cooking Class:  Your class will begin at SENAC, a renowned culinary school where both locals and tourists learn the art of traditional Brazilian cooking. The experimental kitchen and the restaurant buffet style are located in the colonial building at the heart of Old Town Pelourinho. You will prepare popular foods such as fish or shrimp moqueca (very popular dish in Bahia), enjoying your prepared food for lunch.

Rio de Janriro
4 days, 3 nights

  • Hike at Vidigal Favela: Enjoy a light hike to the Vidigal Favela and take in breathtaking panoramic views of Rio, its beaches and the ocean. Then, visit the pacified community and interact with locals for a cultural experience you won’t forget! From the top, you can enjoy a unique view of the city that you will remember forever
  • Rio City Tour:  Visit the Old Rio and have the chance to explore the cultural side of this beautiful city. Rio is also a city of a glorious honorable past, which should definitely be experienced. This insider’s tour to colonial Rio, highlights the concealed, preserved, and authentic Rio, featuring the old Lapa district with its famous aqueduct arches; “Praça 15”, the historical center of Rio which houses the restored Royal Palace and the Historical Museum, the impressive Candelaria Church; as well as the São Bento Monastery, considered to be the city’s richest historical building. Also included are the business heart of Rio, Av. Rio Branco, and the scenic Cinelandia square, where the magnificent Municipal Theater stands.
Price: $4060
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Meet the Faculty

Dolores Finger-Wright

Associate Professor
Dr. Wright received her BA from Bennett College for Women, Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Rutgers University, and Doctorate in Social Work (DSW) from Howard University with a concentration in mental health and public policy. She came to academe after many years as a social work practitioner and administrator with national and international responsibilities. Dr. Wright has worked in both the public and private sectors and served as a member of the Minority Advisory Committee (MAC) to former Secretary Califano of the U.S. Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare; a grant reviewer for federal agencies addressing alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues and concerns; a congressional fellow in the offices of former New York Congresswoman and Vice Presidential Candidate, Geraldine Ferraro; and on Nancy Reagan’s Speakers’ Bureau as a board member of the National Federation for Drug Free Youth. Dr. Wright currently teaches in the undergraduate programs at Delaware State. She has served as the director of the baccalaureate program; director of admissions, director of field practice, and the coordinator of the Mental Health Concentration on the graduate level.

For Parents

Thank you for considering this global opportunity for your students, and for trusting me with the important responsibility of educating them. In addition to building their resume and their network, I believe a program like this builds essential perspective that will set them on a path to becoming more global citizens!

I have chosen WorldStrides as an educational travel partner because of their reputation for excellence in logistics, educational content, and most importantly, safety and security. Read more about WorldStrides.


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