Hi, this is Michelle Balio, and I’m excited to announce that I will be leading a group of Blue Ridge Middle School students on a WorldStrides program to Florida. On this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, students will explore diverse ecosystems, come face-to-face with amazing wildlife, and experience incomparable learning moments. This will be a trip that your child will be talking about for years to come! See below for important information about our trip and email me at Michelle.Balio@lcps.org if you have questions!


  • 03/29/2021 to 04/02/2021


  • $2,259 per student
  • Initial Deposit: $99

Trip ID



  • Transportation to & from Destination
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Admission to all Attractions
  • Meals
  • Course Leader
  • Night Chaperones
  • 24-Hour Emergency Support
  • Accident & Medical Insurance
  • Opportunity to Earn Free Academic Credit

Trip Information Meeting

Space still available.  There's still time to sign up for our trip.  We'd love to have you join us!  Bookmark this page and check back often for important trip announcements.

Learn more about our Florida—Splash into Science Travel Programs!

Our Trip Highlights

Here’s a sample list of some of the many attractions and activities the students will see and do on this trip. This trip is going to be so much fun and the students are going to learn so much!

Turtle Hospital

Meet veterinarians, researchers, and staff who have helped rehabilitate over 1,000 sick and injured sea turtles at this world-class sea turtle hospital. Observe turtles recovering from surgery and learn about conservation efforts.

Turtle Hospital, Florida

Island Dolphin Care Center

Roll up your sleeves and explore an expansive touch tank inhabited by sea stars, sea cucumbers, crabs, conchs, and rare sea creatures! Head over to the laboratory for a squid dissection and local culinary treat.

Mangrove Trail Hike

Navigate the trails and boardwalks through the fascinating tropical hammock and mangrove swamps of Pennekamp State Park. Catch a glimpse of the wildlife, including herons, egrets, cormorants, and woodland birds.

Mangrove Trail Hike, Florida

Garden Cove Kayak Tour

Embark on an exciting kayak trip through mangroves. Led by expert guides, you’ll get an opportunity to explore Florida’s diverse environments and wildlife. Look around the mangrove roots for fish, oysters, and the American crocodile!

Garden Cove Kayak Tour, Florida

Curry Hammock State Park

Venture south to a more remote area of the Keys and explore sea grass in an area that is exclusive to your group. Get your feet wet in the sea grass beds while dipnetting for a diverse array of species, and then conduct water sampling to evaluate the health of the beds.

Curry Hammock State Park, Florida

Everglades National Park

Take an evening hike through the only subtropical preserve in North America. Hear the sounds of thousands of birds, insects, and frogs as you hike beneath the spectacular starry sky in the Everglades.

Everglades National Park, Florida

Dolphin Experience

Your encounter with these beautiful mammals is sure to be an experience you will never forget. Get in the water with these playful creatures while observing dolphin behavior and anatomy with excellent guides.

Dolphin Experience, Florida

The Health and Safety of our Travelers is our #1 Priority

For more than 50 years, WorldStrides been known for industry-leading health and safety in educational travel. COVID-19 is surely unprecedented, but WorldStrides has been tackling “unprecedented” for decades. Our experienced team is leading the way, and constantly evolving to meet new requirements for health and safety that are imperative in this environment.  In addition to the new measures being implemented to address COVID-19, WorldStrides has an extensive network in place to ensure the health and safety of all our travelers.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Expertly trained Course Leaders to guide your group. Course Leaders are destination experts and will help bring learning to life for your students while navigating them through your itinerary.
  • On-Site Coordinators: WorldStrides staff members who are with you around the clock at your hotel to assist with any needs that may arise during your stay.  (In some destinations, on-site coordinators will be replaced with 24-hour Course Leaders.)
  • Doctors on Call: our exclusive partnership with the Department of Emergency Medicine at The George Washington University
  • Tour Central: 24/7 local support office ready to assistance travelers at a moments notice

Click here for full details on our updated health and safety measures that will be in place for your trip.  


course leader

Tools to Help Pay for the Trip

Flag Financial Assistance

  • Over $2.5 million in financial assistance is given out each year
  • Families with annual adjusted gross incomes of up to $85,000 may qualify
  • One simple call to WorldStrides Customer Service (800-468-5899) can tell you how much assistance may be available even before registering for the trip.  (FLAG Financial Assistance is available on a first-come, first-serve basis; FLAG applications for trips taking place in 2021 is current closed however assistance is still available for trips taking place in 2022.)

Gift of Education Fundraiser

  • Student driven fundraiser where 100% of the money raised goes to offset the trip price
  • Students send e-cards, letters, or share links on Facebook / Instagram, and family and friends, in one simple click, can make a direct donation
  • Thousands of students pay for their entire trip each year through the Gift of Education

Affordable Payment Plans

  • Pay a small initial deposit to sign up for the trip
  • The remaining balance is spread out into small amounts and paid monthly prior to travel
  • Set up auto-deductions from your account saving you time and money