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Experience a Swimming Adventure!

Combine international training and competition with a great cultural experience on our swimming programs! Explore fabulous cities like Barcelona where you can swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, visit the 1992 Olympic facilities and tour historic sites like  La Sagrada Familia. Choose from a range of exciting destinations, including Spain, Italy, Cyprus, and Malta, to suit your team’s budget and requirements.

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Custom sports packages Custom sports packages

Each athlete is unique and so is each team, so WorldStrides Excel programs works with your team to design an experience customized to the teams’ needs. Select from hundreds of combinations of countries, cities, sightseeing tours, training options, and competitions to fit your budget.

Dedicated tour managers Dedicated Tour Directors

We believe that one of the reasons for our success has been the quality of our tour directors who assist our teams during their athletic tour experiences. These individuals are committed to making each tour memorable and enjoyable while ensuring all the details are in order.

Experience the Culture Experience the culture

This is what we offer at WorldStrides Excel: an adventure in athletics, an opportunity to build friendships, and an unforgettable cultural experience. Try new foods, learn a new language, and try the local specialty.

Well-oiled machine Our focus on safety

The safety of our travelers is our top priority and we go to great lengths to support you every step of the way! The strength and experience of our staff, a global network of resources, and a sincere commitment to our teams and their families enable us to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

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Reviews and Comments

What are coaches and parents saying about our Swimming Tours?

“My overall experience of the Spain trip was fantastic. I truly enjoyed swimming and the swim meet was great for competition. Excel did a great job with matching teams to our ability level. Out of all the touring that we did I was extremely fascinated with the Sagrada Familia. I felt like I was part of history and someday when it is finished I will be able to say I was there.”

-Ariel Humphrey, Hope College Women’s Swim Team, Spain 

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