We have 50 years of experience in designing itineraries around the globe for all science related disciplines - everything from Astronomy to Zoology! We have the knowledge base to focus on physics, geology, biology, conservation, mathematics, technology and more.  With global contacts for Behind-the-scenes visits and specialist tours, we can also  provide our groups with insider access to sites like the National Codes Centre in Bletchley Park, the Boeing factory, and the Patek Phillipe Museum in Switzerland, to name only a few.

STEM Program Themes

You can select from a number of topical areas to complement your curriculum and maximize student learning including, but not limited to:

Earth Sciences & Geology Tours
Participate in problem-solving workshops on topics like vectors, exponentials or calculus in physics. See firsthand the groundbreaking equipment that enabled major discoveries at the Cavendish Laboratory. Tour the facility at CERN, site of the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. Embark on a geological adventure through Iceland, the land of fire and ice, or explore the alpine landscapes, mountaintops and glaciers of Switzerland.

Life Sciences & Biodiversity Tours
Our life sciences and biodiversity programs offer a window into the fascinating worlds of biology, zoology, botany, ecology, and many others. The world offers a natural laboratory of flora and fauna with virtually staggering variety, history, and evolving states of existence. Explore the interdependence of various species and their impact on one another in the rainforest of Bolivia. Consider changes in geography, habitat, and atmosphere, and how life forms have adapted… or not!

Mathematics & Technology Tours
Uncover the significant impact of mathematics and technology on human life in our developing world. Witness the near-perfect acoustics of the Theatre of Epidaurus in Athens and uncover the role of mathematics in its creation. Understand how a storm surge barrier works and how countries like the Netherlands use wind turbines to power all of their electric trains. Learn what goes into making and breaking codes like those used in World War II

We can also customize tours based on your interests and needs. Please contact us at 800-522-2398 or email us today at educationalpartnerships@worldstrides.org to discuss other academic themes you are interested in pursuing.




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