Our service-learning tours in Africa, Asia and Latin America, help students make a real impact on world communities. They plant gardens, teach English and build schools. They learn how local experts tackle pressing social and economic issues with available resources. Prior to our service-learning opportunities, we consult with our student groups in advance on the areas that would most be of interest for their project work: community enrichment and infrastructure, education and literacy, environment and conservation, and nutrition and health.  During the program, there is an emphasis placed on intentional guided reflection and group discussions.  After the travel experience, students that participate on our service-learning tours in Africa, Asia or Latin America also have the opportunity to take an online course in “Sustainability through service-learning” to earn college preparatory credit through UCSD Extension campus.

2020 WorldStrides Service-Learning Catalog
Learn more about how our Service-Learning programs take students beyond the classroom to share their talents and energy with local communities around the world.
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Service-Learning Partnerships

Our comprehensive partnerships mean richer choices and a more compelling service experience. At WorldStrides we’re proud of our roster of established partnerships with over 150 non-profit, governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide—all of whom have identified needs and projects that can benefit from your group’s contributions.