The Holy Land has been described as the crossroads where the three great religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam meet. Each year millions of pilgrims and religious youth and adult groups journey to the land of kings, prophets, and apostles and all invariably conclude that their biblical tour of Israel is the most meaningful and spiritual travel experience they have ever undertaken. Marvel at the breathtaking natural beauty of the land that produced the three great patriarchs of Judaism: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, on a tour that is customized for your group and denomination. Retrace the Exodus as you journey from the Nile into the desert. Stand in the very space where David confronted Goliath. Journey as the magi did to Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the site of the birth of Christ. Follow Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem for the census. See where John baptized Christ in the Jordan River. Climb the Mount of Beatitudes or pray in the Church of Transfiguration. As your group travels on a biblical tour to Holy Land, you can follow any of these paths or chart your own through significant biblical landmarks and breath-taking landscapes.



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