The Reformation can rightly be considered to be the turning point in the history of Western civilization, and there can be no more rewarding experience than studying firsthand the inspiring lives of the great reformers. These heroes of the faith were men of character who stood firmly for their convictions, and often suffered misunderstanding and persecution for them. All denominations can benefit from WorldStrides' specialized programs that will enable everyone to have a deeper appreciation for the remarkable history of his or her own religious heritage. From Martin Luther to Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin to John Knox, George Fox to John Wesley, WorldStrides has unequaled expertise in the diversity and depth of experience that can be offered. Come stand before the church in Wittenberg where Luther nailed his “99 Theses” to the door, or stand in the pulpit of Knox or Wesley. Journey to the heart of Scottish spiritual life, St. Andrews, as you learn about the nation’s ecclesiastical history. Alternatively, travel to John Calvin’s “shining city on a hill,” Geneva. We can also combine heritage visits with church services or meetings with local schools or congregations, or even the opportunity for your choir to sing overseas.



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