Our language immersion study tours can be customized year-round in over 30 countries and for 6 target languages (French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish).  In addition to invaluable homestay experiences and classes at renowned language study schools, our portfolio of “Community Connections” elevate the language study tour experience through interactions with local schools or contributions at service-learning projects, so that newly acquired linguistic skills can be consolidated in a truly authentic language immersion context.

Language Study Tours

Our Language Immersion tours are offered in a variety of destinations to complement your curriculum and maximize student language acquisition. Click on the links below to view programs offered in your target language:

We can also customize tours based on your interests and needs. Please contact us at 800-522-2398 or email us today at educationalpartnerships@worldstrides.org to discuss other tours you are interested in pursuing.

2018 WorldStrides Language Immersion Programs Catalog

WorldStrides Language Immersion Program Catalog

2018 WorldStrides Language Immersion Programs Catalog

Learn more about how our Language Immersion programs help students internalize language through experiential travel study.




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Access to Opportunities

Our Language Immersion tours portfolio is part of a wider portfolio of applied learning and immersive experiences that taps into our well-established network of worldwide connections. We can put your students into homes abroad. We can offer them travel-study at exclusive international universities. Through service-learning programs, we can help them make a meaningful impact on world communities by providing valuable community service while receiving enriched instruction and an unforgettable learning experience.


Educational Accreditation

WorldStrides is accredited by educational bodies across the country, and we have a dedicated Curriculum and Academics Department—this means we’re an actual school, and can offer students high school and college preparatory credit.