International Concert Tours in the Americas

International Concert Tours in the Americas

You needn’t travel halfway around the world to immerse yourself in a new culture. Our International Concert Tours in the Americas will show you a staggering array of history and beauty to explore “on this side of the pond.” Massive Canada will beguile you with its heritage of rugged indigenous tribes, coupled with French and English settlement—a true contrast of European culture with breathtaking natural history. Or you might go south of the equator for the riches of Mexico and South America. Here, we’ll carry you from big-city hustle (picture Guadalahara!) to quaint pueblo. You’ll dance to Spanish rhythms, dine on rustic empanadas, and study some fabulous Spanish architecture and art. Don’t forget Costa Rica!—A popular destination, this is the land of the sacred Incas, volcanoes, rainforests, and more.

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