Study Tours: Humanities

Ou A breadth of coverage—a depth of focus. Our humanities programs take students on curriculum-based academic study tours that are deep dives into the literature, art, history, and religion of the world’s cultures. Through our highly “intentional” itinerary planning and the informed leadership of our Tour Directors and specialist local guides, your student can benefit from travel-based experiential learning that is truly designed to complement and deepen the richness of your courses and classroom learning.    For example, our art tours can be carefully curated for all artistic periods or genres, including Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo; Impressionism, Modernism, Post-modernism.    Through customized literary tours, your students can discover the lives and landscapes that inspired literature and theater, including Shakespeare, Joyce, Yeats, Stein, Pound.   Thematic history trips allow you to journey chronologically through time and delve deeply into historic eras spanning ancient civilizations, the Middle Ages, the Age of Discovery, and the Modern Era.  Equally, personalized religious tours and itineraries trace the evolution of the world’s great religions, which can include visit to the most sacred sites of pilgrimage supported by meetings with local congregations, communities and believers of all faiths.

Academic Program Themes

Our Global Competence Academic Programs enable students to experience the culture, language and sights of destinations like Ireland, Paris and China through the lens of academic themes. You can select from a number of topical areas to complement your curriculum and maximize student learning including, but not limited to:

We can also customize tours based on your interests and needs. Please contact us at 800-522-2398 or email us today at to discuss other academic themes you are interested in pursuing.




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Tailored experiences enrich your group’s educational takeaways

We believe that learning on tour is optimized when we balance active educational engagement with cultural and recreational pursuits—plus the personal reˆflection time to integrate the entire experience.

Educational Building Blocks

Following are a few examples of the tools we use to build our academic programs:

– Chronological itineraries
– Thematic tours and days
– Group discussions
– Specialist lectures
– Interactive classes
– Behind-the-scenes visits
– Meetings at local businesses
or educational institutions

Customized Course Focus

Over the past Œfive decades, we’ve developed an extensive collection of academically focused itineraries that meet that overarching goal: They encourage deeper personal and intellectual growth; strengthen global competency; and give students a treasure trove of unforgettable memories to call upon for years to come. We collaborate closely with our educators to tailor the program content so that it complements their precise course curriculum, AP syllabus or speciŒfic area of cultural interest.