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5 Hikes Around the World

Five Favorite Hikes Around the World—Take a Hike Day

Hiking is both a healthy and an educational pastime, so we recommend hikes all year round—not just on Take a Hike Day. Below, we’ve provided some of our favorite hikes: on mountains, sidewalks, and even below sea-level! Bonus: there’s a WorldStrides tour that visits each one of them. Denali St... Read More

On the Road Again: WorldStrides’ Approach to Traveling Today

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes to deliver a one-of-a-kind educational trip for students and teachers across the country? Read on to learn how we prepared for our first trip since the COVID-19 pandemic began. In early October, Program Leader Sonny G. and a group of 14 adults se... Read More

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Washington DC

An Ode to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

For many students on our Washington D.C trips, visiting Arlington National Cemetery, and witnessing a wreath-laying ceremony, can be a moving moment. One Program Leader wanted to ensure that her students understood the importance of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and what it symbolized. Prior to he... Read More

WorldStrides Educational Travelers

What Traveling with Their Classmates Taught my Sons

This is a modified version of a post sponsored by WorldStrides, first published on Both of my sons had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York with their classmates in 8th grade with WorldStrides. We live in California, so this trip is a big deal.... Read More


My Experience with the Normandy Institute in France

This summer I had an incredibly unique opportunity—a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a member of the 2019 Albert H. Small Normandy Institute, I was given the chance to gain an exceptionally complete understanding of the Normandy invasion during World War II as well as visit the Normandy countrys... Read More

WorldStrides China Trip

Service-Learning in China: A Program Leader Perspective

In June of 2019, I had the fortunate opportunity to travel to China with several students and educational colleagues. As a vice principal, I cherish my time spent out of the office and learning right alongside our students. While in China, we rode rickshaws around a traditional Beijing village, did ... Read More

Take on Shanghai

Four Tips for Bringing New Cultures Alive for Students

Sure, a lot is written about “bucket lists” and “doing it for the ‘Gram,” but students and their teachers today want far more than a checkmark and a photo from their international travel program. Seeing the sites is great, but experiencing a new culture is what makes tr... Read More

Student Spotlight: Ethan Wilkinson

You might say Ethan Wilkinson, a high school student from Michigan, approached fundraising for his upcoming trip to Costa Rica like a real professional – he created his own small business! He started a lawn care company from scratch. “My Mom helped me make postcards about my lawn mowing service... Read More

Student Tour in Paris, France

3 Things to Try in France

After my trip this summer to France, England, and Berlin, here are my three “must-dos” while in France. You must eat a croissant. My friends and I ate TONS of croissants! They were so delicious when warm, and freshly baked (and sometimes chocolate on the inside). You don’t even need to sit dow... Read More

How Travel Boosts Student Confidence

For decades, I did my best to teach students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties as they struggled in a traditional academic setting. But the barriers they faced in a traditional school setting were often too much to overcome. Year after year, students came into my first-grade classroom fa... Read More

Providing Exceptional Experiences for All

On a warm evening last June, I witnessed a remarkable interaction that impacted me both personally and professionally.  At the Juneteenth celebration at the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston, I watched a dancer delicately lift her arm in the air as she gracefully spun her wheelchair back and forth... Read More

Spotlight on John Lionet, WorldStrides Tour Director

WorldStrides tour directors are an essential part of what makes our programs authentic, educational and fun. Part guide, part tour manager, part instructor of Learning through Exploration and Active Participation (LEAP) activities on our international programs, tour directors are the “boots on... Read More

Triple Traveling Teacher is “Addicted” to Travel

We admire every teacher who takes on the (super fun and rewarding) job of leading student travel programs. But Randy Martin gets our admiration not once, not twice, but THRICE! This eighth-grade social studies teacher led three trips this year. What began ten years ago as a single trip to Washington... Read More

What I Didn’t Expect to Happen While Visiting Europe

As far as I can tell, there are plenty of things in the world you have to see to believe or understand. Before my recent hop, skip, and a jump over the Atlantic Ocean, I knew that, but my international travel experience pushed me to see and understand things I didn’t even expect! First, a [&hellip... Read More

Featured Academic Host: The Sharing Hub

Introducing The Sharing Hub, an Australian company and WorldStrides academic host that works with our Global Academic Team to meet with students and impart what they do with emerging leaders in various fields. The Sharing Hub’s field of expertise is the sharing economy – something you are probab... Read More

Student in Paris

The Moment When My Child Was Changed By Her Travel Experience

We like to think of ourselves as a traveling family. My kids have been all over the United States, from East to West and North to South. Before enrolling in French in high school, my daughter Kaitlyn, didn’t really speak on international travel. It took only one meeting with her French teacher to ... Read More

Notre Dame, Paris

Reflections on Notre Dame Cathedral

Like many of you, my heart broke to watch Notre Dame Cathedral burning this week. To see something that has stood so proudly, and with so much history and meaning, get eaten away so quickly is the kind of somber moment I wish we never had to see. The world watched and cried together. Those […... Read More

Edinburgh Castle -Edinburgh, Scotland

A WorldStrides Wedding

Love is in the air – and every once in a while, it is even part of a WorldStrides program! In 2000, Susan and Larry Garretson got married while in Scotland for our American High School Theater Festival program. We sat down with them to find out more about how they ended up eloping as […] Read More

Middle school group at Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in DC

Compliments Go Viral in Student Group’s Hometown…Twice

WorldStrides Course Leader Gary McKechnie was so impressed by the middle school group from Rochester, Indiana he led last year that he sat down and wrote their mayor and city council members a letter. “I was amazed at how well they interacted with one another,” he recalls today. “No matter wha... Read More

Dyrholaey Nature Reserve Puffins Iceland

How to Spot Puffins in Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful and fascinating country, and lots of people go to see its waterfalls, volcanoes, and generally gorgeous scenery. When I went to Iceland, of course I wanted to go see all of the most popular sites. But one of the main reasons I went was also to see puffins. That’s why I [&hel... Read More

A cappella group visiting with students in Kenya

A Cappella Group Makes Musical Friends in Kenya

The seed for the idea of a trip to Kenya was planted more than 7 years ago for the 2018 University of Rochester YellowJackets, before any of the a cappella group’s current members were even in college. The 2011 YellowJackets had traveled there as part of a cultural exchange to collaborate on music... Read More

Camps International: Camp Ecuador

Service-Learning Program in Ecuador Teaches Leadership

As summer began, most students were looking forward to a break from classes and the daily grind. For educator Amanda Neill and her 13 sophomores and juniors from Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, Delaware, they were actively embracing a different kind of daily grind – a full week of globally-minded,... Read More

Working with children, Guatemala

A Lifelong Love for Latin America

Her high school trip to Peru in Latin America was in 2007, but Abby Sawyer talks about it now like she’s telling a story from last month. She vividly recalls witnessing Macchu Picchu, tasting traditional Peruvian cuisine, and hunting for alligators in the Amazon. “I remember thinking, ‘Wh... Read More

Paris Student Travel Evy Johnson

Gratitude on a Student Trip in a Paris Café

On our first trip with WorldStrides in 2008, we had some free time on our last day in Paris, so my colleagues Kari, Maureen, and I spent the afternoon in a café, writing personal notes to all of the students on the trip. We told them about how proud we were of them, how much […] Read More

A Special Musical Moment at the Museum of the American Indian

Last Thursday dawned crisp and cold with a bright blue sky and the cherry blossom trees in near-full bloom. I was fortunate enough to be leading a tour group to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian. This was a scheduled stop on their itinerary and although they had spent t... Read More

An International Look at Law

The American law school curriculum is designed to prepare students for practicing law in the United States, so it could be tempting for educators to focus entirely on the American system. But the practice of law is intricately bound to the realities of globalization, and the Duquesne University... Read More


How A Trip To Vietnam Inspired Two Students To Create LovePop

John Wise and Wombi Rose were already old friends when they were selected to go on the FIELD program to Vietnam in their first year at Harvard Business School. The 10-day experience, planned in partnership with WorldStrides, took them to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. It was the first time in Vietnam f... Read More

Jesse Varela

Where Are They Now: Navy Lieutenant Jesse Varela

The travel experiences students have with WorldStrides shape their futures, and especially their careers! We chronicle some of these notable alumni in our Where Are They Now series. Jesse Varela knows a thing or two about stepping out of his comfort zone. As a high school senior, he took his first i... Read More

Jefferson Memorial, Capitol Building, Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.

The Bonville-Shaw Family: Frequent WorldStrides Travelers

Amanda Bonville doesn’t hesitate to sign her children up for an educational travel experience. The mother of six has sent (or plans to send!) four of her children on WorldStrides programs. In fact, her oldest daughter, Abby, has traveled with us four times! Abby’s first trip was in 2013 to Was... Read More

Service-Learning Tours in Costa Rica

Overcoming Fears in Costa Rica

Elizabeth Guyer is an Account Manager for our science programs. She recently traveled with 28 students from Colorado on their Waves and Waterfalls tour of Costa Rica where she witnessed one of the greatest benefits of travel – overcoming fears. Travel takes you out of your comfort zone. ... Read More

Australia Lacrosse

Shore Lacrosse Club Travels to England and Scotland

As the official team sport of Maryland, the home of WorldStrides Excel, and the oldest sport in North America, lacrosse continues to expand its border limits. As a strong advocate for global sports ambassadorship, we work with teams looking to travel internationally and help develop the game abroad.... Read More

Carnegie Hall OnStage Hero

WorldStrides and Little Kids Rock Partnership at Carnegie Hall

“Every student is a musician,” says David Wish, CEO and founder of Little Kids Rock, “we, as educators need to draw it out of our students rather than drumming it in.” Founded by a former elementary school teacher frustrated with the lack of funding for music education, Little Kids Rock was ... Read More

Atlanta Heritage Festival

WorldStrides Participates In NCAA Final Four

WorldStrides had a significant hand in presenting the National Anthem at the Men’s and Women’s Final Four over the weekend. Sky’s the Limit Productions, a division of WorldStrides OnStage, provided production assistance for the National Anthem ahead of the games. Our participation didn’t end... Read More

Azteca Soccer Stadium, Mexico City, Mexico

WorldStrides Excel Programs To The Tropics

What better way to play your favorite sports than by taking an international tour to the tropics? Not very much. We are pleased to announce WorldStrides Excel Programs‘ new sports tours to beautifully warm destinations. Whether your team wants to play winter baseball in the Dominican Republic,... Read More

Carnegie Hall, New York

Why I Love the Honors Performance Series

By Hayley Safley *This article originally appeared on The Odyssey.  On February 4, 2016, I embarked on an incredible music adventure with the High School Honors Performance Series. To make a total cliché, it absolutely was a bucket list, life-changing experience. Wonder why? I met incredi... Read More

Oxford Punts CBL

Punting In Oxford

*This post originally appeared on WorldStrides CBL’s Oxford and Cambridge Summer Academy. Written by one of our participants, it chronicles a typical day during one one of our programs. This morning started off great, I was shown a new place I can get decent coffee near college. Thank Goodness ... Read More

Roman Ruins Rome Italy

Washington Area Girls Soccer League Enjoys Italy Soccer Tour

The Washington Area Girls Soccer League is a youth soccer organization with 650 teams and 10,000 players throughout Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Each year, a group of 18 players are chosen from teams in the division 1 or 2 level to create the WAGS All-Star team. This year, the t... Read More

Science trip to New York City

September 11 – One Story of An American Hero

On the 15th anniversary of the events of September 11, here is a story about an American hero who is still impacting the lives of many students (and teachers) each year. For Jason, a WorldStrides Program Leader from Michigan, a chance encounter at Arlington National Cemetery led to an incredible fr... Read More

AHSTF 2016

AHSTF 2016: Reviews and Bravery

One of our last groups took their show to the Royal Mile today. The cast of Little Shop of Horrors braved rain and cold winds to perform several numbers for their show, drawing quite the crowd in the process. When the rain started to fall before their time slot, they got creative and used ... Read More

AHSTF 2016 Royal Mile Performances

AHSTF 2016: More Royal Mile Performances!

It has been a day full of American High School Theatre Festival performances in Edinburgh! Many of our groups had their first performances today in our venues, while others performed on the Royal Mile. Students have also been taking in other performances from Festival Fringe and raving about some of... Read More

Edinburgh Scotland Festival Fringe

AHSTF 2016: Royal Mile Performances

One of the best parts of American High School Theatre Festival is watching “it” come together – the hours of rehearsals, memorizing lines, learning music, planning lighting, the list goes on. Schools spend months raising funds for their AHSTF trip, in between rehearsing, studying, other extrac... Read More

Edinburgh Scotland

AHSTF 2016: Rehearsals and Scottish Dancing

Scottish weather… We’ve had it all today. We awoke to bright blue skies, only to have the clouds roll in. After a quick shower, the sun was back for a brief visit, only to replaced clouds and another short shower. The rain and clouds didn’t dampen spirits at American High School Theatre F... Read More

Edinburgh, Scotland Greyfiar's Kirkyard

AHSTF 2016: Walking Tours, Tech Rehearsals, and Ceilidhs

After a good night’s sleep, our first full day of the American High School Theatre Festival in Edinburgh has been one of tech rehearsals, sightseeing, and the first of three Ceilidhs. Today, a few groups took part in a walking tour of Edinburgh, led by our Blue Badge Guides. We met outside the Nat... Read More

Arthur's Seat Edinburgh, Scotland

AHSTF 2016: Greetings from Edinburgh!

Greetings from Edinburgh! American High School Theatre Festival 2016 is officially underway! This year’s groups have spent the last few days sightseeing around London, participating in a workshop at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and attending West End shows like Wicked and Kinky Boots. This ... Read More

Women's Lacrosse World Cup

Travel To The 2017 FIL Women’s Lacrosse World Cup

WorldStrides Excel programs has launched a new sports tour package that allows women’s collegiate and girls’ youth lacrosse teams to travel to England for the 2017 FIL Women’s Lacrosse World Cup! The FIL Women’s Lacrosse World Cup is the premier event of the international lacrosse calendar, ... Read More

Trinidad Cuba

Spanish Teacher’s Cuba Trip Changes Students’ Perspectives

Since the ability to travel to Cuba opened up last year, it has become a popular destination, particularly for educational travel. Spanish teacher Chad Taylor recently took 13 high school students to Cuba where they were immersed in a culture and tradition very different from their own. While the st... Read More

FC Edmonton Excel Soccer

FC Edmonton Spends 10 Days in Scotland and England

The FC Edmonton “Eddies” recently returned home from a ten day pre-season tour in Scotland and England with WorldStrides Excel. The Eddies played friendly matches against local Scottish and English professional teams to help prepare them for their upcoming NASL season. FC Edmonton played four in... Read More

Sky's The Limit

Sky’s The Limit Participates In NCAA Final Four

We can’t say that our brackets did well this year, or any year for that matter, but we did have reason to celebrate during this year’s NCAA Final Four thanks to Sky’s The Limit. If you aren’t already aware, at most of our bowl game events, some of our participants get to roll out a […... Read More

Costa Rica Pineapples

Adventure and Service: Costa Rica Revisited

With the New Year quickly making way, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on an experience during one of our programs in Costa Rica from last summer as I look forward to another summer of extraordinary students and programs. Pineapple as far as the eye can see – we were riding along on […] Read More


Teach Through Educational Travel: Heidelberg, Germany

The Holy Spirit Church (Heiliggeistkirche) in Heidelberg, Germany, is the most famous church in Heidelberg and has served both Catholics and Protestants. The current church was built in 1398, on a site that had housed two different, earlier churches. This church, located right in the middle of Heide... Read More

German Food Currywerst

Travelers Dish: Best Foods Eaten While Traveling Abroad

Without a doubt, one of my favorite things about traveling is eating all kinds of delicious foods! I had a hunch that other travelers may feel the same way, so I posed the question to our “likers” on Facebook: “My favorite meal I’ve ever had was _______________ in _______________. Fill in th... Read More

Students traveling

FLAG Scholarship Helps 4,400 Travel With WorldStrides

It’s important to us at WorldStrides that every student has the opportunity to pet a dolphin in Florida, or discover what makes our government tick in Washington, D.C. That’s why we are so proud to say that our FLAG Scholarship was awarded to over 4,400 students in 2011. This means, to date, nea... Read More

Service Learning

Service Learning in El Salvador

“I have just returned from a week in El Salvador and it was truly an experience I will never forget. Having traveled to Costa Rica and Honduras in Central America I had high expectations for my travels in El Salvador. My experience was better than I ever expected as I was surprised at how much [&h... Read More


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