5 Virtual Experiences to Spoil Mom With on Mother’s Day

Finding a Mother’s Day gift for moms who love travel or concerts or spa days this year might seem challenging, given our global quarantine. But with a little imagination, you can give mom the experiences she craves (and probably wow her with the extra effort).

This Mother’s Day, gather the family, pull your resources, and get creative to give your travel-savvy Mom something special. With your collective imaginations running at full capacity, she’ll be somewhere different than the only place she’s allowed to go. That these also happen to be good last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas…well, that’s probably not why you are looking, right?

For Moms Who Love Paris

Oo la la! Is mom a Francophile? (Who isn’t really?) Sweep her away with a very budget-friendly Mother’s Day trip to Paris by bringing Paris to her at home.

Set the scene: Print a Paris skyline and post it in her bedroom window. Wake her up with a croissant or a macaron (order from a local shop in advance) and an espresso, or get a little campy and make French toast. 

Get her a culture fix: Give Mom a quiet hour to explore the Louvre or the Musée d’Orsay. When she’s done, let her regale you with thoughts on some of her favorite works of art. 

The big finish: Transform your dining room or kitchen table into a French bistro. Set the mood with some Django, try out an entry-level French recipe, ditch the sweats and hoodies and spiff yourselves up and play serveur and maitre d’, and deck out your space with some bistro-inspired style and décor.

For Moms Who Love New York 

Statue of Liberty - NYC, New York
Statue of Liberty – NYC, New York

Perfect for moms who were once New Yorkers or for moms who love the Big Apple and everything NYC

Set the scene: Start Mom’s day with bagels and a schmear (understanding it’s okay if “these aren’t New York bagels.” Just this once.) Turn on some city noise in the background and let her recall the good old days of horns beeping and people moving in the city that never sleeps. 

Get your slice: After mom has spent her day doing whatever she wants, prepare your best NYC pizza. Bonus points if you scrounge up a red and white checkered table cloth. 

Start the show: Put away the loungewear for a fancy evening at the theater. Dress up to watch a Broadway show from the comfort of your own couch!

For Moms Who Love the Tropics

Costa Rica Rain Forest

Think you can recreate a Costa Rican jungle in your own home? Well, we can’t figure out how to do that. (Please share if you do!) But if there’s one thing Mom always LOVES, it’s your best effort….and a spa day.

Set the scene: After you’ve let Mom sleep in and reminded her how essential and appreciated she is, give her a Costa Rican coffee and a taste of Costa Rican rice and beans to start the day. 

Spa day: When Mom is done with her relaxing morning, keep the easy vibes going into the afternoon with a spa session of your own design. Set her up with music, fresh towels, some cucumber slices, and a hot bath – whatever you can get your hands on that equals peace and quiet. If you want to go all out, make a volcano for display in the bathroom and let her imagine that she’s actually at the foot of Arenal

Dance the night away: Together with the whole family, teach yourselves some Costa Rican dances. Mom will have lots of energy after her spa retreat and it’s always good to have some new dance moves up your sleeve – you never know when you’re gonna need them. Pura Vida!

For Moms Who Love Spain 

Madrid and Barcelona Student Trip

Whether she’s dreaming of Madrid or Barcelona or the Basque Country, a Spanish-themed Mother’s Day will add some spice and flair to her day.  

Set the scene: Breakfast in Spain varies, but one thing is consistent: incredible flavor. Pick one of these Spanish breakfasts for Mom or go all out and make this breakfast casserole – it looks especially divine. 

Pick a virtual tour or three: Set Mom up to explore the paintings and architecture of some of the world’s best museums, including the Picasso in Barcelona, the Thyssen-Bornemisza, or the Reina Sofia in Madrid. 

An evening Flamenco: Create a soundtrack for the day or watch a live performance as a family to get a taste of Spain’s renowned flamenco scene. Turn up the volume. They say sound is the most potent of senses, and flamenco might be just the thing that transports Mom to the Spanish vacation she deserves.  

For Moms Who Love England

Does Mom know all the ins and outs of the current royal drama? Maybe England is her style! Take her beyond that fascinating royal history, for a Mother’s Day spent experiencing virtual and cinematic offerings that will have Mom saying “Cheers!” more than usual. 

Tea Time: Read about English Breakfast tea beforehand, then wow Mom with your knowledge on the subject, as she sips the very tea you’re telling her about. Maybe a scone too? 

Visit the British Museum: This might be the best virtual museum tour on the planet. Mom will be delighted to explore the museum’s collection, moving back and forth through time, and with music, whilst sipping her tea.

A royal evening: Whether it’s Downton AbbeyThe Crown, or one of The Most British Movies of All Time, it’s not hard to tap into Mom’s anglophile side with a feature film for the family to end her day. 

For Moms Who Like Adventure

Monteverde cloud Forest - Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Monteverde cloud Forest – Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Choose a few of these ideas, or add in your own (Dog-sledding through Alaska, aka the neighborhood! Rolling your own sushi!), to take Mom on a whirlwind global tour that might only be possible in this virtual world. Or make it personal, with special clues for Mom to find that not only guide her from A to B but give her a laugh with the inside jokes and family memories from travels in your past that you’ve thoughtfully included in the game. 

And mom – if you found this post, Happy Mother’s Day! You are especially appreciated this year. In fact, we’re lobbying to have it called MotherTeacherCoachTherapistBestFriendHousekeeperCounselor Day. Who’s with us? 

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