3 Things to Try in France

After my trip this summer to France, England, and Berlin, here are my three “must-dos” while in France.

  1. You must eat a croissant. My friends and I ate TONS of croissants! They were so delicious when warm, and freshly baked (and sometimes chocolate on the inside). You don’t even need to sit down on a checkered chair with an umbrella over your table that’s facing the Eiffel Tower to enjoy this wonderful creation (though that is advised, of course!). (Author’s note: Granted, I am never eating a croissant ever again. I am officially croissant-ed out for now, but the ones I have access to in the states could never compare to those “best croissants ever” in France anyhow!)
  2. You must try to speak French while in France. I didn’t speak a word of French before we arrived, but I did it. Not well…but, my tour director, who I absolutely adore, said that it’s better to try to speak their native language then to not try at all. So, she helped me!. I went up to the counter and was extremely nervous that I was going to mess it up. When I looked back her, she gave an encouraging thumbs up. I got the courage to order my “chocolat.” I think I spoke French better than I thought, because the lady who worked at this restaurant started to talk to me in French! My body went completely numb. I was also fighting not to laugh out loud right then and there. I think I just stood there for awhile without saying anything. Sure, this might happen to you too, but it definitely was worth trying and it’s a great memory that I’ll always have!
  3. You need to shop! I mean, come on, its France! You need to shop!! Walking around in France is simply magical and if you are already walking, you might as well walk to some stores to get French clothing. I tell you this, because I actually never found time to shop while there on my trip because, I was busy visting a bunch of historic, amazing, and beautiful places. But, I will return to France again very soon, and while I am there, I will be able to do these three important and highly recommended “must-dos”! Well, maybe I won’t be eating another croissant that soon 😉 But never say never!

Article written by Miranda Madderom

Miranda Madderom
Miranda recently traveled to Europe with a group of AP World History students from her school. She absolutely loved her trip can't wait to travel more in the future! Next stops are the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Croatia.