4 Reasons Performers Should Travel to France

France has long been considered a cultural destination. At WorldStrides, we give performance groups the opportunity of a lifetime in the cities and countryside of France. Students are able to perform in spectacular cathedrals and venues, and take in the historic sights.

  • First, stop in Normandy, where you will see both the D-Day beaches and the Erik Satie House. Spend time at Omaha Beach, and perform at the American Military Cemetery to honor those who sacrificed their lives on D-Day. This is an excellent opportunity for your ensemble to connect with history in a powerful way. As a counterpoint, also explore the Maison Satie, the home of Erik Satie. His Avant-Garde music is explored in the house, where his experimental proto-installations exist in a museum.
  • Next, explore Paris, which has been a capital of European Culture for centuries. With a musical history dating back to medieval Europe, the Notre-Dame Cathedral is an option both for sightseeing and as a performance venue for groups of high caliber. WorldStrides is also able to coordinate a masterclass with a member of the Philharmonie de Paris, providing your group with hands on experience of the Parisian music scene.
  • On your way out of Paris, stop in Versailles, home of the pre-Revolution French royalty. Experience the palace where the “Sun King” Louis XIV put on lavish productions and fostered the career of Jean-Baptiste Lully. Arrive in Chartres, dining in bistros and restaurants and exploring the Vieux Quartier, with its medieval architecture. You have the opportunity to perform in historic Chartres Cathedral, joining the centuries of tradition housed within.
  • There is the option to extend your trip into the Loire Valley, with its many beautiful Chateaux. Spend time in the “Garden of France” and explore Le Clos Luce, where Leonardo da Vinci spent his final years. As your time in France concludes, give a performance at St-Sulpice, then return to Paris, where you will fly back to your home.

Hopefully we have whet your appetite for a trip to France and performing in these amazing places. Contact our OnStage division to plan your performance tour abroad today!