Advice for Future WorldStrides Travelers

Many WorldStrides travelers have had the good fortune of being greeted at the airport in Washington, D.C. by veteran field specialist Doug Coleman. For nearly a decade, Doug has seen thousands of students before and after their special travel experience…and he’s never shy with advice to make the most of their program!

Here are his top 10 tips.

“1) Bring a drawstring bag to be used a light daily carry all! They are great for small items, jackets or additional clothing layers if necessary each day and can stay on the bus during your travels.

2) Bring a personal water bottle for hydration. It will save you money on beverages AND keeps you ready for action each day.

3) Don’t bother with coffee, highly caffeinated sodas, juices, energy drinks, or supplements. They will dehydrate you quickly and lead to a trip to the paperwork zone for all those caring for you. Drink more water and get plenty of rest. It’s the BEST wake-up there is!

4) Leave space in your suitcase for buying souvenirs to take home. PRO TIP – It’s nice to buy your parents a gift while travelling. It may save you the next time you get in trouble for having a messy room or going over your cell phone minutes plan! 🙂

5) Be sure NOT to buy anything that looks like a weapon while touring. It will get confiscated at the airport and will be a waste of that mad money your parents might give you for travel!

6) BRING RAIN GEAR (poncho, small travel umbrella and waterproof footwear). PRO TIP – spray your footwear with silicone spray for an extra layer of protection prior to travel.

7) Have some money on a prepaid debit card. It spends like cash and can be used at most places you travel. Plus, the money can be retrieved if the card is lost.  

8) If you have a portable phone charger, BRING IT. But NEVER leave your phone alone to charge in a public area. It might walk away!

9) Bring hats and sunscreen for the hot days! Looking like a lobster is never cute. 

10) LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Don’t spend all your travels checking out SnapGram and InstaChat (Yea yea yea….I know how they should be said, but I like it better reversing the names!) Enjoy the trip!”

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Article written by Jessica Shein

Jessica Shein
Jessica tell stories, finding new angles and cultivate content for WorldStrides and for our media partners. She has a passion for studying societies and cultures. When she's not in the office, you can find exploring nature and the great outdoors with her husband and two kids.

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