4 Reasons Performers Should Travel to Italy

There’s much more to Italy that just decadent carbs and cheese. From the Madrigals of the Renaissance, to Neapolitan song, to Bel Canto opera, Italy has always been a major musical center with artists innovating musical styles. On WorldStrides OnStage’s Musical Italy tour, students have the opportunity to make their own music with performances in the footsteps of those famous artists who went before us. These programs also allow for exploration of historic musical sites that will open the eyes of your ensemble to the rich history of the music you perform. What better way to learn the history and stories behind the music you know and love?

Here are four incredible sites you could explore on a WorldStrides OnStage tour to Italy:

  • Experience Venice, where Monteverdi, the preeminent composer of the Italian Madrigal ended his career. See his tomb and perform in the Basilica where his religious music was performed. Spend time on the floating city that is a cultural capital of Europe. While in Venice, visit Padua, the namesake of the Pavane, a processional dance that was common in 16th century Europe.
  • Visit Tuscany! Did you know? The powerful Medici family lived here, and they worked hard to encourage the development of Opera as an art form. See and perform in the sacred spaces that gave birth to the advanced polyphony of the Renaissance, as well as tour the unforgettable Luigi Cherubini Conservatory.
  • Can’t forget Rome! Explore historic ruins and the splendor of the Vatican. “The Eternal City” is home to attractions that are sacred and secular, and modern and ancient. This juxtaposition creates an incredibly vibrant city. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to explore and perform here??
  • Visit Naples and Pompeii, home to Bel Canto Opera and tour the Teatro San Carlo. Perform in a Neapolitan church, where musical traditions of the sacred occur in the secular home of Neapolitan songs. End your visit by exploring the renowned ruins of Pompeii and see all the many historical sites in the ancient city.

Check out our OnStage Italy itineraries, and contact the OnStage Performing department to explore customization of a tour to Italy. Until then, ciao!

Article written by Aaron Stepp

Aaron Stepp
Aaron Stepp is a composer and sound artist from Kentucky. He is completing a PhD in Composition and Computer Technology at the University of Virginia, after attending the University of Louisville and Indiana University for Composition, Theory, and Computer Music. When not writing papers or music, he can be found in his kitchen cooking or brewing beer.