10 Things For Students To Do Before Their Trip

Are your students getting excited about your WorldStrides trip? We are!

This trip is going to be the highlight of the school year. Students will be talking about this every day, up until your departure day.

To help them get even more pumped about their trip, here are 10 things for students to do before their trip! Feel free to share this with them to keep them engaged and excited!

  1. Meet new friends & come up with a fun class trip name – Get to know the other students you’ll be traveling with – it’ll be even more fun when you know everyone on your program. Get your fellow students pumped as you work together to come up with the perfect name for your group.
  2. Earn extra credit! – Have you signed up for Discovery for Credit yet? Academic credit is a great way to distinguish you from you peers and gives you a competitive edge on your college applications.
  3. Make a travel playlist – Put together a collection of songs you’ll want to listen to on the bus or plane.
  4. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram – Hear from other students at different schools about their trip and check out their trip photos. Make sure you tag your photos during your trip with #worldstrides and #besttripever for a chance to win $250!(Get details here!)
  5. Make a packing list– Research the climate of the destination you’re visiting to know what sort of clothes to bring. You can also download a packing list specific to your destination here as well as other answers about getting ready to travel.
  6. Watch our trip videos on YouTube – Check out our student videos and testimonials to really get you pumped for your trip! Don’t forget – you can win a GoPro just by sending us a video before your trip. Click here for details.
  7. Become an expert – Research your trip by reading books or watching documentaries about where you’re going. You’ll amaze your teacher and other students with all of your knowledge.
  8. Start a trip piggy bank – Put away a little money away from your allowance or job each week, so you’ll be able to save some cash for souvenirs and gifts during your trip.
  9. Make a travel scrapbook or journal – Use it to write about what you do on your trip. Plus, you can put photos and tickets in your scrapbook to remember the trip forever! (Trust us, you’ll appreciate it when you’re older)
  10. Order a T-shirt! – If you haven’t already, feel free to buy a WorldStrides t-shirt to wear during your trip. You can order a t-shirt by contacting our customer service team.

Can you think of any other ways to get excited for your trip? Let us know on our Facebook page or email us at socialmedia@worldstrides.org with your ideas!