How Traveling In High School Helped Shape My Future

Alex traveled with WorldStrides in March of 2014 to Spain and France. She and her classmates visited Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, Carcassonne, Nimes, and Paris. Now a sophomore at Murray State University, Alex was inspired to double major in history education and Spanish education after her trip with WorldStrides. She is now planning to travel abroad this summer to either Scotland through a study abroad program or Italy to volunteer at a camp to teach children English. In Alex’s own words, read how traveling in high school has helped shape her future. 

It has been two and a half years since I went on my trip with WorldStrides and I am still so glad I did. I feel that my trip has further encouraged me to pursue a teaching degree so that I can someday take my own students on trips like these. Seeing so many historical events persuaded me to obtain a history education degree. I even decided to pursue Spanish education as my second major after traveling there. While I’ve always been open to learning more about cultures different than my own, I feel that after my trip to France and Spain, I had a stronger desire to learn more about the world and the people in it. Now that I’m in college, many of my friends are international students. And, of course, I plan to study abroad to gain more experiences like it.

The events witnessed and places explored have also helped me with my college coursework. In my English class, I wrote a major paper on a protest I witnessed in Madrid and the economic and political conditions in Spain. In several of my history classes, I have had the opportunity to talk about the different historical places I have seen, such as the Palace of Versailles and Toledo. Currently, in my Spanish class, my friend and I are working on a presentation over the political unrest in Catalonia and how we saw several people flying the Catalonia flags off their balcony (she went on the same trip with me and my school!).

I had fun on the trip at the time, but I find it really interesting (and super beneficial) as to how it is tying into my studies now.

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