Teacher on Wheel of Fortune Wins WorldStrides Trip to Costa Rica

A very special welcome to the WorldStrides family goes to John Hill, a West Virginia high school English and Drama teacher whose October 26 appearance on Wheel of Fortune earned him his very own WorldStrides DiscoverNow! trip to Costa Rica.

To hear him tell it, his appearance on the famed game show was just beginning, and he was on a roll. He’d won a “Toss-up” puzzle and was first to spin the wheel in Round 1. The puzzle’s category was “80s” and Hill — a child of that decade — was excited. He spun the wheel, and reeled in the trip to Costa Rica sponsored by WorldStrides DiscoverNow! programs. But then, he guessed a letter that wasn’t in the puzzle, and the other contestants got a chance to play to win the round.

“I didn’t have any clue what the puzzle was at that point, but I figured I wouldn’t stand a chance to win the round,” he said. He watched and waited as the other contestants took their turns, and when it was his turn again, he knew the answer – a classic 80s movie, FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH.

“Knowing that I had the trip, I didn’t want to take a chance on hitting a bankrupt, so I just solved it,” he said. “Hitting a big trip like that in the first round – that’s the kind of start you want to get off to!”

As the teachers and students who’ve experienced science and adventure in Costa Rica with WorldStrides can attest, the country is packed with things to see and do. Mr. Hill, who loves to travel, will enjoy beautiful beaches for surfing, rainforests for exploring, and an active volcano that begs to be photographed. He says he and his fiancé are particularly excited to zipline through the rainforest.

“I haven’t even been out of the country. This will be a completely new experience,” he said.

WorldStrides was proud to work with Wheel of Fortune during the game show’s Teachers Week, sponsoring trip prizes through several divisions of the organization. Also featured were trips to Peru through NETCChina through New Worlds Emerge, and Italy through Casterbridge. We share Wheel of Fortune’s deep appreciation for committed educators who inspire our children and we were delighted to show it on TV!