Sarapiquí River

The Sarapiquí River flows through the Heredia province of Costa Rica, a region rich with tropical rainforests and wildlife. It is one of the cleanest and calmest rivers in the country, making it ideal for beginning white water rafting trips. As students paddle along the river, they are sure to spot the animals along the river’s edge including toucans, cormorants, kingfishers, howler monkeys, hummingbirds, and much more.

  • Before students embark on their adventure, they are given an extensive safety orientation and outfitted with safety helmets and life vests.
  • Students stop along the river for a standard analysis of the water and how nature and marine life respond to changes in water cleanliness.

Did you know?

  • The Sarapiquí River has an important place in Costa Rican history. It was the transportation route during the war of 1856, where the “ticos” (native Costa Ricans), had to fight to protect their freedom.
  • Aquatic life is dependent on a neutral pH level and a low level of turbidity in order to survive.